Wednesday, June 23, 2021

I Swear

 A few days ago, Weaver asked about swearing. As in, how many of her readers swear. 

Reluctantly, I raised my hand and was counted in with those people, but I also explained that I don't swear a lot these days. Now that I'm older, I guess I find a lot less things to be really upset about.  I also have a reduced need to vent when I do get upset about something. So...I don't swear like I used to. I'm mellowing in my old age, I guess. 

Today, we had to move a bad refrigerator out of an apartment and move the replacement in. It was (of course) a bigger job than expected. In the doing of that job, I mashed my pinky finger between the door frame and the fridge. 

Weaver, I have a confession. Today, I cussed like a sailor. 


  1. When I looked at my Brussel sprouts plants and saw how the birds and slugs had devoured them. I cursed/cussed like a trooper.

  2. Ouch. I think I would have said something colourful too.

  3. "You stupid ... ... ... ... ... "

  4. It wasn't even creative, Andrew. Just It was just the one word repeated several times.

  5. As a good Christian lad I was bright up not to swear. I do now sometimes. It can actually feel good on occasion. But I don't want to do it too often as it loses value. :)

  6. We actually had a swear jar growing up that cost us a quarter when overheard. Even then, I used to use the well placed one among friends up until I met a friend in a store who swore every other word. Standing there listening and noticing how many people were staring at him, got me to give it up altogether though I may not be totally immune when I smash the heck out of a finger.

  7. My Mom hated the F word and I refrained from using it while my kids were growing up but, sometimes now it just pops out of me (only when I am alone - never in front of others). I still have to whisper, "Sorry, Mom!" in case she is watching over me! :)

  8. Neat ending to this post. The older I get the more I swear.

    1. We are opposites then, red. Except for the occasional smashed pinky. I am sure I took yesterday. Unless you damaged a body part too.

  9. 37 years in the classroom kept me from swearing because I was afraid inappropriate words would accidentally escape me. It became a habit not to swear. I do say a few now that I'm retired. :)

  10. And I don't blame you. I swear all the time, actually. Probably more than I should. But not in writing!


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