Monday, June 14, 2021

Home Again, Home Again

 It was a far different trip than we planned for. I got up early Thursday morning and hit the road. I go on Thursdays so that Dylan and Brittani can go play Trivia at the local bar. It is something that they both enjoy but rarely get a chance to do. They were made it to the semifinals. (Question: What is Barbie's full name? Answer: Barbara Millicent Roberts. Now you know. They did not.)

Poor Iris had a bad cold when I got there. She was sick enough that she took afternoon naps. So we stuck close to home. By the time she was feeling better, Brittani was coming down with it. By Sunday, Dylan was sleeping on the couch with a fever. 

Brittani was holding a feverish Iris the afternoon I arrived. She was lathered up with a chest rub and had a decongestant and she dozed off.  Brittani picked up the remote and said, "Is there anything that you're interested in watching on Netflix?"  I said, "Well, I just started Downton Abbey." Amazed she said, "So did I!" I said that I had just begun the second episode, but that Tim hated the program, so I didn't get a chance to watch it much. She said that Dylan hated it too. So that was our secret addiction. Each afternoon that Iris fell asleep, we turned on Downton Abbey. (Is there anyone who can look as affronted as Maggie Smith?) We're ready to start episode 7.

We were able to do some things between people succumbing left and right to Iris' virus. (I was sneezing my head off Friday night, but started taking zinc right away. So far, so good.) 

We got Brittani's garden weeded. Iris was so tickled with her little fairy garden. I took glass pebbles to make a walkway, and we planted small flowers around the little house. We picked fairy bouquets and put them in the little vase, and we made a little pool for her. On a rainy day, I showed her how to make an umbrella for the bench so little fairy girl would not get wet. I think that little activity will keep her busy while her mom works in the garden. She's very imaginative.

Dylan made a seafood smorgasbord, and we had a pleasant evening, cracking crab and drinking a very nice wine to wash down the very spicy cajun shrimp. I never had mussels before, but the shells made a very nice addition to the fairy garden. Later we had a fire, and sat around the fire talking into the night and watching fireflies. Dylan commented that the best conversations happen around a fire. I think that he is right. 

We went to the zoo. I saw a young girl with her family wearing a sweatshirt that said, "Virginity Rocks".  I don't get that. If ever was something that caused someone to view a young girl in a sexual way, it seems like it would be a shirt like that. Her sex life (or not) is no one else's business. Maybe it's just me. I don't know. I'm often out of step with this world. 

I gave Iris a bath the first night I was there, and when she was done, I rubbed her all over with some of my lavender shea butter lotion. She did love that. When her mother got her out of the bathtub the next night, she explained that she needed Ama's "special lotion". She got such obvious pleasure from the smell of it that I left the bottle with her when I left. 

There were books to be read, and cuddles to be had. There were trips to the playground, dogs to be walked. We went out for ice cream. Iris does love ice cream, and when she's done, she drinks ice cream soup from the bottom of her bowl. 

It's hard to say goodbye, but knowing that I'll be back in August makes things easier. We packed up my car, and Iris carried my hat for me. She waved from the side walk. Her goodbye was made easier by the fact that she was wearing a tutu and going to the park for story hour, followed by a trip to the library. 

Driving towards home, the sky grew darker and darker. I love watching the distant lightning. It was moving east as I drove west, and it was inevitable that we would meet. We finally did on Boot Jack Hill. The rain pelted down hard enough that people were pulling to the side of the road. I contemplated doing that myself. My wipers were on high, and still were barely able to keep the windshield clear. Just as I made up my mind to stop, the rain eased back just enough to keep me keeping on. 

Almost exactly five hours after I left, I was pulling in my own driveway. 


  1. Even though everyone was sick, it still sounds like a nice visit. Your granddaughter sounds sweet.

  2. Yes sounds like you managed to have a splendid time. And I love Downton Abbey!

  3. Iris seems a very special little girl. Your weekend visit sounds perfect.

  4. In spite of falling dominoes, it sounds like you had a great time.
    I am curious whether you liked the mussels or not? What sauce were they served with or in?
    Australians are used to driving long distances, but honestly, Americans drive far longer distances almost at the drop of a hat.

  5. It's always good to have things to look forward to. Roll on August.

  6. I agree with you about the sweatshirt - it's wrong-headed to think that virtue signalling like that is positive - it's not, and it can be demeaning and upsetting to others.
    Years since I have been to a zoo - there are very few open in the UK nowadays

  7. Dylan and Brittani usually eat them on the half shell with a horseradish sauce (I DO love horseradish) or another sauce that I've forgotten. Brittani is not a huge fan of the half shell although she eats them. Dylan asked me if I wanted to try them on a half shell. I said I would try them, but the idea of them raw was not especially exciting to me. He steamed them instead. They were tasty. We dipped them in butter with lemon, just like the crab. He does a great spicy shrimp though. Holy cow was it hot. It made the wine a necessity. He served everything with a loaf of warm bread and asparagus which is probably my favorite vegetable.

  8. We liked Downton Abbey, so we thought we would watch it again. For us, it didn't work as a repeat, and it didn't last long. But it was great the first time around. Enjoy.

  9. So - Boot Jack Hill - makes you wonder how it got its name. I doubt it is the English translation of the native name for it?

    Glad that you had such a wonderful time - Iris is truly blessed.

  10. Sounds like a great trip, despite the illnesses. (It's always something, right?!) I agree that the "Virginity Rocks" shirt sounds a bit creepy -- especially on a young girl. If I were her, I wouldn't want my family even THINKING about my virginity, much less members of the public walking past. Weird!

  11. We have mussels quite regularly. I think of them like tofu. By themselves, they don't have a lot of flavor but when cooked with other flavors, they absorb them and are quite tasty.

    I'm with you on the shirt. I would never let a daughter of mine where one if she wants to live under my roof.

  12. Jiggity Jig or Jiggity Jog... depending on whether you were off to market to buy a fat pig or a fat hog.

    Glad you're home safely and had a good time.

  13. I feel like knowing Barbi's full name will help me out someday so thanks for that. I am glad your trip went well despite Iris not feeling great. Also, glad to hear that you had a Downton Abby buddy. For the longest time I thought that show was called Downtown Abby.

  14. What a nice visit! You are a super Ama! Sounds like a memorable visit!

  15. I just finished binge watching Downton Abby. More than addicting.
    It's nice you had a good visit, the lurgy notwithstanding.

  16. Okay all you Downton people, I have just one question. I gotta know: do Thomas and Mrs. Obrien get their comeuppance at some point?

  17. Oh my goodness, all small children are cute as buttons. It's just that every grandparent is convinced that theirs are the cutest of all...and every last one of us are absolutely right. :)

  18. How wonderful (well all except the ill part)... Iris is growing up!! Seems like yesterday she arrived to such joy. Love your updates!


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