Friday, June 25, 2021

Keeping Up

We've been working some pretty long hours. I keep telling myself, 'make your hay while the sun shines...' but it's getting exhausting. 

Day by day, we're chipping away at it, though. Today was a neat day for two reasons: This morning we had a meeting, and it was announced that the mask mandate has been dropped. People were excited. 

This afternoon, I discovered that we have Monday, the fifth of July off. I was excited enough about the two day weekend. Imagine my joy at discovering that they are trying to finangle the Saturday off as well. Everyone is tired and three day weekend will do us a world of good. 

I came home tonight and told Tim that I wanted to devote a few hours to kayaking over the holiday weekend...and that I wanted him to come with me. He was agreeable to it. I really think he will love it once he actually tries it. 

I've been day dreaming about far off goals for some time now - going to see Cara and Colin, once they are settled, a transatlantic cruise, the luxury of not having to count days, the freedom to go where we want for as long as we feel like going (retirement is going to be so great!) We have a lot to look forward to, that's for sure, but it feels awfully nice to be looking forward to something in the not-so-distant future too. 

I'm keeping up with blogs...just not a lot of time for commenting on them all. 


  1. Towards the end of my working life I too felt the call of retirement get stronger each day. Eventually I applied to retire a year early in return for a smaller pension but I have never regretted that decision.

  2. That's the spirit Debby - things can only get better.

  3. I'd like to see Kansas play again. It's good to write down future plans and carry them out.

  4. He has a good hobby that should pay for itself. It’s a a bonus when that happens. Many don’t … he said knowingly.

  5. You will also find that retirement will be very busy. But you can always say no to something.

  6. I loved retirement when my husband and I both were retired. We visited our kids in Germany, Seattle and West Point. Than he got sick and the cancer over came him and he passed away in 2015. That seemed to end my life to. Now I am in a slump, excitement for life left with him. I am just lonely and go day to day. I will never regret the few years of retirement we had together, doing the things we wanted, traveling and following our dreams. Go ahead, make your plans and just do the things you are dreaming of. Love and enjoy each other to the fullest. I still have hopes that I will meet someone new and come alive again. My children and grands are wonderful and I still get love and hugs which I love. Hugs when you are lonely go a long way to make a day special. Bless you for having goals and being able to have them in sight.

  7. Life keeps throwing curveballs at us all. I've been keeping up but not commenting on blogs too - Jane's mum diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this week... so everything on hold, and in perspective. It will come good in time, but for now... and meanwhile, carpe diem, as they say.

  8. I decided to retire next September and I'm so looking forward to it. Time is a privilege that I shall enjoy.

    Enjoy your kayaking.

  9. Oh Mark! I am sorry to hear of your mil's diagnosis.

  10. I firmly believe that most unmasked are also unvaccinated, so I’m still wearing my mask....

  11. Lynda, I do believe you're right on that. Where are you from? I believe that the vaccine will do what it is supposed to do. At work, our cubicles are separated from each other. In the cafeteria, we will sit at separate tables. I don't see much of a risk there. I think that I will always instinctively 'social distance' when talking to people. It is the new normal.

  12. I hope that three-day weekend happens for you all!


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