Friday, June 18, 2021

The Pits

 Remember how I told you that I'd tried to grow an avocado tree for years, suspending the pits over water with toothpicks. Never got anything. A while back, I was eating my avocado toast for breakfast and pondering things, and finally reached the conclusion that Mother Nature did not get out the toothpicks and a glass of water when she wanted to start an avocado tree...the avocados fall on the ground and they grow. Or they don't. 

So I began pushing my avocado pits down into a pot of soil that once held a plant which had met an untimely end. (Disclaimer: I am not Mother Nature. Things sometimes don't make it at my house.) 

I got an avocado tree and I was thrilled with it. I got a nice pot for it, and I transplanted it when it was about a foot tall. It promptly died. I took its passing pretty hard. The pot was a nice one, dammit. 

Anyways, I kept shoving avocado pits deep into the soil of that empty pot, and lo...another avocado sprouted up. I'm kind of running out of room at the office, so I hauled it up to the greenhouse for the summer. It seems to like that environment very much. It is over waist high and covered with leaves. But here's the crazy thing: tonight when we went up to check on the garden, I watered my plants in the greenhouse. I now have 3 avocado trees!

On Pat's suggestion, I bought 'My Father's Glory, My Mother's Castle'. It arrived today. Perfect timing, since I finished 'Perfect' yesterday. (Side note: I'm ready to take a break from Rachel Joyce. I enjoyed 'Miss Benson's Beetle'. I enjoyed 'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry' although i must admit that it got kind of tedious by the end. 'The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy' dragged on and on...I was quite ready to see the end of that book. 'Perfect' had already been ordered so I read that. I noticed that the last of it began to drag too, but she did throw in quite a plot twist that made you sit straight up. They were good 'work books' because they were light reading, but heavens, I am tired of people's lives ruined by their consciences. Especially when it seems like they're feeling awfully guilty about things they had no real control over. (Oi, Jeanie, save the lecture sistah!)


  1. Debby - let me know how you get on with it. do so hope you enjoy it

  2. Your life in the pits does not arouse pity.

  3. I can't tell you how many avocado "trees" have sprouted in my compost pile. I've considered moving one to another location many times, but always decided against it. (I feel sure it would be doomed in the long run) I read somewhere that it's hard to get one to produce fruit from a plant like this and can take years. I hope you prove that wrong.

  4. Avocados sometimes take a very long time to root in soil -- as you have discovered! I remember when I planted ours I pulled it up after a couple of months, thinking it was dead, and it had a root! I put it back in the dirt and not long after it sprouted.

  5. Oh dear, I had placed holds at my library on those Rachel Joyce books after I finished Miss Benson's Beetle. Maybe I do not want to read them after all!
    I have a list of others to read so I won't be lacking... Thanks for the heads up!

  6. I would give them a try. Queenie was the only one I really did not like. It is just that they dragged(for me) by the end.

  7. I try desparately not to do too much of runs on authors after devouring John Irving's catalogue (The World According to Garp etc) when I was a teen.

    One or two is a delight - too much and you notice where the devices don't have the same impact any more.

    I have just finished "All The Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr - oh my, Deb - you will love it.

    Its avocado season here - as there is an avocado industry around us, we get lots cheap when we are in season. I no longer even try to grow my own.

  8. I loved that book. Have you read Michael Ondaatje? I really enjoyed him as well.

  9. I've done the toothpick and water thing too without success. Perhaps if I get a greenhouse built, I will try the soil route too just for kicks and grins.

  10. I am not sure how many pits I stuck in that pot, Ed, but I know it was probably 8 or so. I took one sprouted tree down there. It has gone nuts growth wise. Now I have two more. I may have an avocado jungle before it is done. Side note: my hibiscus have taken off too. I am taking a spider plant down today.


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