Friday, June 18, 2021


 Last fall, I planted some raspberry canes, and they did remarkably well...until they were nibbled down by deer. With a field of tender grass near, they chose to eat raspberry canes. Go figure. But of the 12 plants, it looks as if one may do something. 

Last night, Tim came into the house all excited. He had discovered it while I was gone, and couldn't wait to show me. I went outside with him and looked. There in my very own back yard there is a raspberry growing. It is covered with not ready to be eaten fruit, and one of the canes is as big around as my thumb. What a find! We don't even know how it got there. But after the berries are done, it will be making a move. 

The clever man also discovered black berries at a rental!

They will join the blueberries and the elderberries already there. My dreams of a berry patch are slowly coming true!


  1. Perhaps about three weeks ago, the berry plants we ordered last fall arrived and we duly planted them. We now have 2 blackberry and 4 raspberry (2 types) plants in the ground and will hopefully grow this year if I can keep them watered. Like you, I'm excited at the possibilities.

  2. Speaking personally Debby I would choose Raspberries over Tender Grass to eat any day.

  3. We have so many blackberries here I cut them down. But I do preserve a patch to pick berries from every summer!

  4. Reminds me of my dad who grew some raspberries and not much else.

  5. You need to surround your raspberry canes with razor wire and then take it in turns to sit out there through the night brandishing an automatic weapon. You gotta fight for the good things.

  6. Sounds wonderful! We are not in an area conducive to berry growing.

  7. We had a large raspberry patch as a child, and a lot of jam and berries on a lot of things. "Raspberries by the 4th of July," Dad said, and that generally was right.

  8. Weaver, you are right. Given a choice between raspberries and grass, I'd take the raspberries. But this was in the fall, when there were no berries. They nibbled those thorny canes right down to the dirt!

  9. Dare I admit I'm not a fan of blackberries or raspberries? With the former, it's the seeds. As for raspberries, I just don't care much for the flavor. I love blueberries, huckleberries, and strawberries. And mayhaws make the BEST JELLY EVER.

  10. Never had a mayhaw in my life, but now I want one.

  11. Here are some photos:


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