Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Pride Month

 John (Going Gently) posted a little video that I found very touching in honor of Pride Month. 

Our town hosted a Pride Day Celebration. Our church was heavily invested in this. My oldest daughter was part of the planning. I did not go, since I worked that day, but my thoughts were with this group. We live in a very conservative area, and this is controversial in some circles. My friend and I disagree on it. I believe that my job is to treat everyone as human beings, to love my neighbor as myself, and to not judge others. She responded that she doesn't judge. "I hate the sin, but love the sinner."

(There's no point in debating with her, but if I was to debate, I'd point out that calling a person a sinner means you've already judged him.)

In any case, the second annual Pride celebration attracted at least 800 people from three states. (Compare that to the first annual Pride celebration which attracted 70.) There were guest speakers. Our Lieutenant Governor came with his family. and Malcolm Kenyatta came from Philadelphia. There were local speakers as well. 

A lot of flash for my small town, but the story that moved me the most is the story of two elderly folks who came. These two people had lived as room mates for most of their adult lives. At least that's what they told anyone who wondered: they were 'room mates.' As they walked around the grounds, taking in all that was unfolding, it happened. The momentous moment was probably unnoticed by anyone but the two "room mates" themselves. In all that noise, in all that color, in all that joy, two hands reached out, and two very elderly people walked hand in hand in public for the first time in their lives. 


  1. That's sweet, and thank you for the post and support of this minority.

  2. That's lovely. I don't understand homophobia. Our souls don't have a gender and I think we love someone's soul. I also think, that like most things in human beings, traits exist on a continuum. Some people are only straight, some people are only gay and many people exist some place in between. The important thing is that we love.

  3. I feel as you do, Debby. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Love one another.

  4. The way I understand it, we're all sinners... so no need call out others in judgment. Instead, let try to put into practice the two greatest commandments. Love and love.

    That last paragraph is such a touching, poignant story.

  5. Your last paragraph has a touching story which is all too common. As a middle school teacher I had kids who were terrified that their family would discover that they were gay.

  6. That's nice on many counts. I am of an age where I would not hold hands with my partner in public, if now for no other reason that we never have and it would feel strange.


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