Sunday, June 20, 2021

Strange Sight.

 I was changing out of my Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes (jeans and a nice blouse) and putting on my Sunday-got-to-garden clothes (denim cutoffs and a tank top). I was holding my shorts in my hand when I heard a strange noise at the side of the house, and then two teenagers came sneaking up the little alley between our house and the next and crept past the sliding glass doors (blinds). It was their posture that caught my attention. They were crouched and sneaking and trying not to be seen. 

Had I been wearing pants, I'd have gone out to see what they were up to. By the time that I got my pants on, they were gone, and I did not see where they went. 

Very peculiar and something you generally don't see. 

We had a bit of an incident. Tim used to store a ladder in that little space, against the fence that divides our property from the house next door, but one day, we discovered it up against a window of the house next door. Tim is a studier, and he studied the situation carefully. Why was the ladder there?  He discovered a little nest in the eaves, and decided that they were watching the baby birds. It tickled him, so he left the ladder there.

Except the very next night, he heard a noise, and got up to look out the bathroom window. There was someone on the ladder at that window, and someone in the house was handing something out of the window. 

Our immediate thought was drugs. Mind you, my son pooh-poohed that. He felt like it was too obvious and in his mind there was 'no plausible reason' for something so obvious as using a neighbor's ladder to lean up against a drug dealer's window. 

Except if the drug dealer had been reported by other tenants of the house and did not want them to see continued drug traffic.

I dunno. In any case, we moved the ladder from the alleyway to a place by the garage. 

The neighbor in question was evicted from his apartment the week after we moved the ladder. The landlord said that he was a known drug dealer and he couldn't have that going on in his house. 

It makes me feel strange to know people are sneaking around, and I walked through the back yard. Nothing appeared to be tampered with, but I saw that (once again), Tim had left the shed hanging wide open with the padlock and the key hanging off the clasp. 

That man. 

I locked it up and walked back to the house. We probably should begin locking the cars, the trucks and the house as well.


  1. Oh, what an uncomfortable feeling. I would certainly not like to think that we were not secure in our own home, but it can happen anywhere.

  2. I lock up everything. Theft is on the rise around here, even to the point of people having their catalytic converters cut off their vehicles, while the vehicle was in the drive way.

  3. Sad but that is the way things are these days - always keep doors locked.

  4. It leaves a very uncomfortable feeling, the thought that someone is wandering around your garden...even if they didn't take anything.

  5. Oh, all those incidents would make me very uneasy.
    Make sure to lock everything up, always.


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