Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Rudy Update

 Rudy is doing well, sleeping. 

According to his father, he was ornery, but he'd rather see him like that than quiet and sick. 

I said, "It's to be expected, he gets his ornery from you." Quick as a wink, Levi snapped back with, "He didn't get it from me. I still got mine." 

I'm glad he's okay. The little guy has been on my mind all day. 

We've had some serious rain moving through. We got two inches (5 cm) of rain in a hour. Flash flooding north and west of us. 


  1. What good news! Thanks for the update.

    We've had some rain off and on for the last week or so. It was badly needed!

  2. Hope the floods avoid your area.

  3. Goodness - that is wet!!!
    Very glad that the little fellow is doing well.

  4. Good to hear he finally got his surgery and is doing fine.

  5. Good to hear it all went ahead this time and he's doing well. x


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I'm glad you're here!

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