Friday, November 27, 2020


 Ah, leftovers!

We have plenty of turkey left over. We do that on purpose, because we like leftover turkey. 

Tonight for supper there will be sliced up turkey added to the leftover gravy to be poured over the leftover potatoes, which will sit happily beside the leftover stuffing and the leftover cranberry sauce and sweet potato souffle.

We love turkey and will eat turkey salad sandwiches all weekend long. 

When it is picked clean, the carcass will be simmered overnight in the crock pot and there will be soup. 

Ah turkey.

One question does beg an answer though. Knowing full well the weekend menu, how does the shopper of the house forget to pick up a fresh jar of mayonnaise? 


  1. Could you please send some over here? Sounds yummy.

  2. We just warmed up leftovers today. Tomorrow, Cliff wants turkey pot pie, which I haven't made in years. It sounds good to me, though.

  3. If you have egg and oil, you have mayonnaise don't you?

    I discovered a very easy vegan mayo recipe recently.

    One part soy milk, 2 parts oil - bit of whatever flavouring you may need i.e. garlic, salt, (garlic salt), herbs, pepper...

    Whizz with a stick blender. You will never be bereft again.

    (You only need to make a little - it doesn't keep above a few days without going a weird consistency)

    Enjoy your turkey.

  4. I love left over turkey, it's so versatile. Turkey stew with all the left over veg and the carcass stock, known affectionately as Jollop in my family. Yum!

  5. Leftover turkey reheated always tastes better than fresh, I reckon.

  6. Well, good. So many complain about leftover turkey, but I like it, especially sandwiches with a little stuffing along with the meat. And the mayo, of course. There must be mayo. :)


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