Wednesday, November 18, 2020


When my sister called her husband at work to tell him that Tim was laid off for the whole hunting season, Dave said, "What???!!!! You know, that man could fall in the mud and get up with roses. Things always work out for him. He's the luckiest...." 

And so on and so forth. 

The trees fell on the house. My sister was worried about it. I reassured her, saying "it's's covered by insurance." 

"Is it?" she said in a disbelieving voice.

Cara was a little more blunt about it. "How did he manage to get insurance on THAT?" 

It is an old house, and in need of some TLC. Or torn down. One of the two. But yes. We have insurance on the property and on the buildings. The insurance adjuster will come out. It will be interesting to see what comes of it. Anything from that will go directly in the new house fund.

And my sister said, "Roses..." 

We called some tree guys and left messages, but we expected them to be very busy cleaning up from the storm. A few hours later, we received a call, the man agreed to meet Tim at the property. Tim headed out to the property for the third time of the day, stopping to pick up William who was anxious to see the sight with his own two eyes. 

Once there, the guy asked a few questions, explained to Tim how he was going to do things, quoted him a very reasonable price (because he doesn't have to get rid of the wood). Tim hired him on the spot. 


Meanwhile, my job was to head to Walmart to get pictures printed off for the insurance company. I jumped into my car and headed out, quickly did my errands and got the heck out of dodge, Except that when I turned the key, my car draaaaaaaaaaaaggggggedd. 


I turned the key again and heard the dreaded clicking noise.

I called Tim. He doesn't like Walmart batteries so it wasn't a simple matter of walking in the store and getting a new battery. He also has the jumper cables. He said, "I'm just leaving now the property now so I'll be there in a half hour." 

I was going to go back into the store, but I was parked in. A car in front of me. On both sides of me. I didn't know how Tim was going to be able to jump the car. I decided to wait in my car, so that if someone came out to leave, I could try to 'hold' the spot by explaining to people about my dead battery. 

I darn near froze to death waiting in my cold car. Finally, the lights on the car next to me flickered and people began unloading their groceries. As they backed out, I got out of my car and saw Tim driving up.


Tim started my car, and followed me home. He did some research on the battery. He thinks it's under warranty but will know for sure when he takes it to NAPA tomorrow morning.

I think we need a bigger vase. 


  1. You must have several acres of roses growing over there Debby!

  2. Sometimes it feels like it, JayCee. I am a very blessed person, and I am glad to realize it.

  3. I'm looking forward to a streak of roses.

    The one thing I hated about selling my old car last summer was that it was a manual shift which was partly why it was being sold. I was the only one who could drive it but I never ever got stuck in it due to a dead battery because I could always push start it. It was a small car too fortunately.

  4. I think we all remember bad luck all too quickly and easily but less do with good luck. So enjoy your run and long may it last.

  5. Roses indeed -- or lemonade from lemons, maybe!

  6. More roses if the battery is under warranty.
    This is like a huge bouquet. :)

  7. Stick with the roses, but............ isn't there somewhere that you need three lots of bad luck to go together?

  8. Thelma: fingers in ears *lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala*

  9. That is just so awesome! I'd love it if everybody could have more roses, especially this year.

    We had our huge chestnut tree fall when we lived in Illinois. THANK GOODNESS the wind blew away from the house.

  10. The nice part is you deserve the roses you get ... had you are prepared for the thorns!


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