Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Alex Trebek

 We are 'Jeopardy!' fans in this house, and so we were sorry to hear of Alex Trebek's passing Saturday morning. 

We turned in Monday evening, not sure what we would be seeing, but there was Alex Trebek hosting just as usual. I picked up my tablet and did some googling. Turns out that they tape two days a week, five shows each day. Each week, they end up with 10 programs (two weeks of programming). Alex Trebek's last day of work was October 29th. His last program will air on Christmas Day. 

I find myself thinking about his family. Does seeing him live in front of their very eyes, listening to his voice, watching him laugh...does that make things harder or easier? 

Just one of those tangents my mind wanders off on. 


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  2. Apparently, he told the producers he wanted the shows to air. His last show will air Christmas Day.

  3. Amazing that he was able to work until just a few days before he passed. What strength of will that must have taken. Jeopardy will never be the same without him.

  4. For me, every video/audio of my mom is precious. Just to being able to hear her voice when I really need to hear it, even if she is just saying, "Call me when you get this to discuss this weekend" is very reassuring. It is amazing how much I miss her voice.

  5. Did you see the documentary from earlier this year? It ran right before the Tournament of Champions and was excellent. I never knew how much went into the production of Jeopardy. We will all miss Alex. Here's the answer of the day (and it shows I'm old!):

    "He is Alex Trebek's processor."

    "Who is Art Fleming?"

  6. I hope that his family were asked about airing these shows Debby. Maybe they said, "Go ahead! It is what Alex would have wanted!"

  7. I am sure that the family didn't oppose that they aired. I suppose it is no different from Sean Connery's wife watching his old movies. I just wonder what they feel when they see them?


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