Sunday, November 29, 2020

Buck Season

 Today, I loaded up lunch and headed down to the retirement property. Tim had left early to do some early hunting reconnaissance and to sight in his rifle. Tomorrow is the first day of buck season, and he's plenty excited about it. 

Once he was done with that, we had a big day. We are putting on the garage doors. Tim had watched approximately 1351 you-tube videos before settling on just the doors we were going to build. 

So on along 11AM, I loaded up the car and headed out. Driving there, I glanced in the rearview mirror, and when I brought my eyes forward, there was a deer leaping squarely in front of me. A car was coming the other way. Knowing nothing was behind me, I slammed on my brakes, dishes went flying everywhere, and the accident was unavoidable. 


The deer gave one mighty lunge, and I missed it. 

I cannot tell you how close this was. I think his hind quarters probably dusted the side of my car off. 

I scared the bejeebers out of myself. I was still shaking when I pulled into our driveway, and Tim stopped what he was doing to help me unload dinner from the car. I had the rear door open and was pulling covered dishes out from under the front seat. He could tell I was a little more emotional than usual. He looked quizzical. 

I explained about the deer and how close it was, and how badly it rattled me. "I've never come that close to a deer without hitting it," I said. 

He listened interestedly. "Was it a buck?" 

I stared at him in disbelief before I snapped, "I couldn't tell you, Tim!" and I headed inside.


  1. I hit a deer last year. Much damage was done.

    I think I have mentioned this already, but you posts tend to show up late and come in bunches. I had 4 appear today.

  2. Many years ago a colleague hit a Muntjac a small deer in the UK and killed it. Unavoidable but it wrote off her car.

  3. I am not sure why that would be, AC. I do a lot of preposting, but they are usually spaced a day apart. The exception would be the link to Bob's blog about how covid personally affected their house.

  4. Yikes. I'm so glad that deer leapt for its life!

  5. Took me years to get the slow cooked onion smell out of my car due to a sudden cessation of forward movement once.

    Does Anvilcloud's issue happen with other blogs? It could be that it is loading cached pages and only refreshes occasionally?

  6. There’s irony here ... Tim wants to shout a deer while you avoided one. Hmmmm

  7. Around here, we have a saying that it is a matter of WHEN one hits a deer and not IF one hits one. That said, I've had a couple close calls just like what you described. But my time is coming.

    By the way, don't ever let butter melt into your car carpet or spill octopus stew on it. I've had both happen over the years and neither smell ever went away until the car went away.

  8. I have hit two deer in my life (I feel strangely superstitious about saying that) and they were six weeks apart, and in two different cars. I've had the close calls, but I honestly don't remember anything that close. Probably the funniest thing was this: My husband rebuilt an old Malibu, and he loved that car. He painted it bright yellow (I called it the Bumble Bu). I rarely drove it because it was 'his' car, but once I had to drive it to pick up my son from school. I was nervous about it. I was driving along when all of a sudden I heard a clackety clackety sound, and my first thought was "I KNEW this was going to happen! I drive the car and it breaks!" I caught a glimpse of something in the side mirror. It was a crazed deer face with wild eyes and its tongue hanging out. I instinctively hit the brakes, the thing shot past the car on the driver side, did a panicked little dance in front of the car and finally shot into the woods. All I can figure is that he had come out of the woods and almost broadsided the car. He veered away and found himself running with the car. The clackety sound was his hooves on the road.


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