Friday, November 27, 2020

The Reality of Covid

 For every person in this world who feels themselves qualified to argue with science, this post is for you. 

Bob has an important message for us all. 

In my rural county, things are heating up: On October 28th, we had 66 cases. One month to the day later, we are reporting 231 cases, meaning that our cases have more than tripled in the last 30 days. 

A local restaurant has closed, a child care center has shut its doors. Churches had begun to cautiously open, but most of them have once again resumed virtual services. 

Still, people will not mask. 


  1. Our national lockdown in the UK ends at midnight on the 2nd Dec. Then each area had been put into a tier with various rules. But 3 basic things would keep the overall figures low. Wash hands, cover face and give space. Simple but obviously too complicated for some!

  2. People won't even mask, and here we are eschewing our annual tree decorating party today with the kids. Only 6 of us in an area that is doing pretty well, and yet we are still giving it up.

  3. Three months ago, this was the headline - - 725 new cases in Victoria in a day.

    Yesterday, they celebrated 30 days with no new cases. 30 days of "double doughnuts" - no cases, no deaths. They are now on triple doughnuts (no active cases either).

    They did a VERY HARD lockdown and mandatory masks. The federal government tried to undermine. The media desparately tried to undermine.

    I am so freaking proud of Victoria and Victorians.

  4. We are coming down from our second peak with 2500+ having now had it or 10% of our entire population. After months of fighting for a mask mandate at the school I am on the board and been voted down two previous times, I finally got a mandate passed for anyone older than 12. Since it is an elementary school only, that means none of the students are being mandated but at least the teachers are and that was a step in the right direction.

  5. It's discouraging, isn't it? Such a small effort and it could curb many of the cases. I don't understand the resistance at all. :(


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