Monday, November 2, 2020

Stupid Is....

 We got 6 inches of snow overnight. School was delayed, and Tim called in a vacation day. He drives an hour and 15 minutes to get to work and turns right around and does it again at the end of the day. I'm not a fan of winter, because I worry about him. He goes through some pretty remote areas of the Seneca Nation to get to work. If something were to happen, he would likely not have cell service. 

(His response to this always is that he has a good car) 

(My response is always that nice cars get crashed too)

Anyways, he got up at 4:30AM and quickly decided to take a vacation day. He could use it to go hunting. Snow on the ground is a big plus during hunting season. So he was out of bed and in the shower and buzzing around excitedly. He made his sandwich. I gathered snacks. He pulled his wool pants over his long johns and got put on his warm wool shirt. 

He got his coat on and he began to gather his things things together. His lunch. He patted his chest. Yes. He had his range finder. He checked his coat pocket. He had his grunt call. He had his license. A pencil. The last I saw him, he was headed out to his car with a spring in his step..

I made my coffee and started a pot of chili for supper. It's a hearty soup for a cold day, and it can be dished up whenever he returns home. 

I came back to the office to sit down at the computer with my coffee. I was surprised to hear the back door open and footsteps. I got up and headed towards the kitchen. it was Tim. I was a little flabbergasted. "What happened?" I asked, thinking of car issues. My car had already refused to start. Weak batteries and cold mornings are not a good mix.

He looked at me sheepishly. "I got too excited to get out the door." 

I looked at him. "What did you forget?" 

Embarrassed, he said, "My bow." 

The man had gotten half way to camp and a buck leaped across the road. Lucky for him that it did. That's when he realized that he didn't have his crossbow. 

I worry about both of us sometimes. My father would have called us both 'rattle asses'. I'm forever forgetting where I put things down. Or why I walked in a room. Tim doesn't remember anything without writing it down. I'm the same way. But I usually forget the list 

After he left the second time, I returned to my coffee in the office. Ed had posted a reading suggestion for the first snow.  I read this years ago and laughed myself stupid over it. All these years later, I laughed myself stupid once again. 

However, I'm thinking the trip to stupid is not nearly as long as it used to be. 

PS: These political calls are starting to make me crazy. One right after another. I'll be glad when tomorrow is over. 

Get out there and vote, people. 

PPS: Cara's trip is done. She and her cat Mack are settling back in. 


  1. That movie is certainly in my top ten list and I probably watch it once a year since I saw it at the movie theater. Unlike most movies I watch, I am entertained as much as I was the very first time and don't get tired even if I know the ending.

    I am bad at mental lists. I'm like Tim and have to write them down if I ever have a chance at completing the list. However, I am very sharp about where I sat things down. As soon as I realize that I forgot it, I can mentally retrace my steps and tell you where I left it last. It comes in handy such as a week ago when I went to start the car and realized the key fob needed for the push button start wasn't in my pocket. I had been putting and pulling a pair of shears in an out of that pocket as I cut vines from our garden fence. Fortunately a quick walk around the perimeter of our garden where the fence had been produced the key fob.

  2. The trip to stupid. hahaha It's kind of like responding to "you're driving me crazy" with "short trip".

  3. I'm so glad Cara's trip is done! Our snow, here in Indiana, hasn't arrived yet and in fact this coming weekend is supposed to see highs in the 60s. But our winter is waiting in the wings and I have a hunch it's going to be a hard one this year. Stay warm! ~Andrea xoxo

  4. I cannot imagine snow in November!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading you linked. There are few benefits to Vegas but not shoveling snow is one. : D

  6. lol - I have to pay BIG BUCKS to get to even see snow!!

    Enjoy the vacation day.

  7. I'm the kind of person who would pay big bucks NOT to see snow.

  8. I have never hear of rattle asses before, but I am a rattle ass. Yes, I need lists, and yes I forget them. My mother used to declare that I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on. It gives me some comfort to know that my problem is not just from old age.


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