Sunday, November 15, 2020


 Everyone has seen this picture...

Which came from this picture:
Ruby Bridges gave an interview on the 60th anniversary of her first day of school. 

This is not ancient history. It happened during my lifetime. (No comments from the peanut gallery please) I was raised in a racist environment so my understanding of this as a child would have been much different from my understanding of it today, older, wiser, and a grandmother. 

Lucille Bridges is the mother of Ruby Bridges, and it was her courage that allowed her daughter to move into a world that did not want her there, despite the legal ruling that had already set aside 'separate but equal.' She understood that for anything to change, that line needed to be crossed.

Lucille Bridges died on November 11th. 

I just wanted everyone to take a moment to remember the shadow behind the shadow that is behind the picture of Kamala Harris. 


  1. Coming from a different generation, I am always in awe that our country did some of these things in our history. I know it is hard to compare different eras and different thought processes but one would wonder why the thought processes were so different.

  2. This little post has moved me quite a bit.

  3. Oh wow!!! Yes. This is such an awesome moment. Thank you for the video about your classmate, Mike Shine. My husband and I watched it and just loved it.

  4. I love those photos! They bring tears!

  5. What an incredibly moving image. Arilx


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