Thursday, November 12, 2020

Where We Are Headed

On Monday, they announced that the place where I used to work will closing their doors. I don't think it came as much of a surprise to anyone. The tariffs had really negatively impacted an already struggling company, and covid was the final blow. They declared bankruptcy, and the big question was would the new owner continue operations or not. The answer came: Not.
Tim came home from work this afternoon. His company needs people to take a temporary layoff. All the economic uncertainty impacted them as well.  

You never quite know what lies around the bend do you?



  1. These times are a struggle for many.

  2. Oh dear. I am sorry that you are having to face such uncertain times. It is happening all over on such a large scale. I wonder what the world will look like in a few years.

  3. Perhaps because I live in the poorest county in the state (depending on the survey), the economic downturn hasn't been very noticeable yet because it was already bad before the pandemic. I just heard yesterday that perhaps the local Applebees will close down soon but that is the first all out closure I've heard. I guess when we don't have much to begin with, there isn't much that can be taken away.

  4. 'Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose,' as the song goes.

  5. We are so glad now that we are retired, even though pensions don't keep up with inflation.
    Even before these problems, there has been pressure for workers to carry on working...and pressure for firms to mechanise so reducing worker numbers.
    Then younger people find it difficult to get a career..or even a job and are slated for this, called lazy and worse.
    All the present problems are confounding this.
    We are also finding out what is really necessary and what is luxury.

  6. Game, you have hit it on the head. After a lifetime of careful living, we will weather this storm. However my daughter and her s.o.both work at the plant that is shutting down. Young people haven't got a lifetime of careful living to fall back on. These events would have devastated Tim and I when we were their age. It is not that they are foolish or lazy or any of that. It is simply that we've got years of preparation on them.

  7. There seems to be jobs in our area, construction companies are begging for help and sending people to trade school to help them. There are two or three companies hiring and Amazon is always hiring. I am in a retirement area so a lot of people are not looking for a job after retirement. Even house keeping starts at 20.00 an hour if you can find a good honest one.

  8. 'Speak to me' What shall I say? Sodding world and all its problems, unemployment is dropping bombshells all over the place.


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