Friday, November 6, 2020


 Biden has inched past tRUMP in Pennsylvania votes now. 15 minutes ago, a humvee plastered with Qanon propaganda was taken into custody along with two heavily armed militants outside a Philadelphia vote counting center. 

This is not a coincidence. Just yesterday, this man stood before his country and claimed massive fraud, a plot, a stolen election all this before ABC interrupted his diatribe to fact check. In what I believe to be an unprecedented move, they did not return to Trump's speech. NBC and MSN followed suit. Fox carried that speech in full. 

Just yesterday, Junior tweeted that American patriots must prepare themselves for war.

Their reckless and baseless accusations are endangering our country. 

There is no conspiracy. What we have is an America that is deeply divided. We can't agree on much these days. In my country, if you are a trumper, you believe that the virus is a hoax, that mail in voting is dangerous and rife with ways to cheat. If you are a democrat, you believe in personal responsibilty and wearing a mask. You know that Covid is real. You also have faith in the system. You know that mail in voting is nothing new, that it has been done right along, for years, for a number of reasons. 

And so...the early voting, the mail-in voting...that was primarily used by democratic voters. We had millions of mail in votes and we have a strange law in the books that says the live votes must be counted first. There was a motion brought forward, due to the sheer volume of votes, to begin counting them early. It was blocked by the Republicans

What is happening now is just what I personally expected to happen. Trump's voter base would wait to vote on Nov 3rd. The law here is that you count the day's votes first. This showed Trump with a huge lead. However the mail-in votes are heavily requested and returned by Democrats. There is nothing fraudulent about Biden moving ahead of Trump.

What is fraudulent Trump's tweets, his speeches, his attempts to convince legislators in key areas that they can replace the electoral voters with people who will cast their electoral vote for him, no matter what. What is dangerous is this reckless attack on the democratic process and he needs to go. 

He is now losing in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. 

It appears it is happening. 


  1. Be careful with generalizations. I don't know what you mean by "Trumper," but, in addition to the extremists you see/hear screaming about conspiracies, you have intelligent, sincere, thoughtful people who chose to vote for Trump because his policies (not his character traits) are closest to their beliefs and values. I am NOT one of them (I'm an independent who voted for Biden), but I know many of them. They are willing to accept the election results. There is nothing wrong with being divided. Working out differences, while finding common ground, is how this country was founded. This will all settle down. My hope is, when it does, cooler heads will prevail. But we -- all of us -- have to be willing to listen to those with whom we disagree and not,as Biden has wisely said (as he patiently awaits the final results), treat them as enemies.

  2. You may see them in your area, Bob. You are in an urbanized area with more diverse thinking. What I have is a neighbor who pisses in my yard. I would agree with you that cooler heads need to prevail, and it is my hope that when this all settles down, they will. What is happening now is wrong. Simply wrong. No matter what side of the fence you stand on.

  3. I couldn’t agree more and I’m sorry about your idiot neighbor. But your neighbor is not every Trump voter. (And remember I voted for Biden).

  4. Let me just begin by saying I don't care for either major political party and I couldn't bring myself to vote for either candidate. Politically, I fall somewhere in the middle. The Trump administration has been good for my pocketbook, yet I lean more to the left on many social issues. So.... as long as the Republicans retain the Senate, there will hopefully be some sort of "balance of power" at work. I've lived through many administrations I found unappealing (including the last four years), but I've always survived.

    What I'm struggling with (or maybe I should just say one of many things, since life is difficult at the moment) is how so many people are talking about all the negative things Trump's voter base are (is?) doing. It's always a blanket assessment. I feel certain there are good people (as well as rabble-rousers) on both sides of the coin. I know many folks who voted for Trump who are good, respectable people. Most, I would venture to say, were just voting their pocketbooks.

    I guess I should just take responsibility for myself and stay away from the media (both social and otherwise) since this seems to bother me. (and it's not just the slurs about Trump, I'm also weary of all the negative things said about Biden/Harris) However, short of hiding under a rock, it's hard to avoid.

    Just venting...

  5. And I see now, while I was composing my comment, that you and Bob already addressed this issue.

  6. My sister is a trumper. She refuses to discuss it, and that is okay by me. As I understand it, she is voting for him strictly on the basis of pro-life. I know others like that. But we have trump flags emblazened w/ 'because F--- your feelings', which have been deemed acceptable by our town because they are political. Local police officers support trump and show their support for him openly (as public servants, I don't believe that should be happening). Our newspaper (we have one) is an Ogden publication, and their editorials are outrageous. On a personal level, both of my husband's brothers are trumpers. They make their livings from oil. The things they post of facebook our plain and simply lies. Outrageous lies. Biden is a pedophile, qanon stuff, etc. It has caused deep division in our own family. I understand that all trumpers are not monsters, but the ones in my area are willing to overlook the behaviors of the ones who are behaving badly. My perspective is different from yours, Bob. My world is different from yours. I tell you the truth when I say this: I'd give ANYTHING at all to see the world from your vantage point. ANYTHING.

  7. I really liked your blog but I'm afraid I won't be visiting anymore. :-( I deleted my Facebook account a loooong time ago because of this type of junk. ~Andrea

  8. Last thing I’ll say and sorry if I highjacked your blog, but I totally get it. Sadly, Trump himself has fueled the nut cases you’re talking about. I truly appreciate civil discourse and always appreciate your thoughts.

  9. You didn't hijack it Bob. You said your piece. I countered with my own thoughts. That is called discussion. And I believe that it is a good thing
    I have always understood that you see it differently. That is life. I don't agree but I don't think less of you. I DO think less of people who condemn others for their thoughts.

  10. In light of the discussion above, I find myself really wondering what Trumpian policies are so appealing to thoughtful and good people. Is it his support for racists, his handing of COVID, his environmental record, the wall, putting kids in cages, cozying up to Putin, trying to defund healthcare? What? If I might hazard an answer, it is mostly about anti-abortion that good Christian’s don’t realize is not actually biblical. It’s that one thing IMO. Convince me that I am wrong.

  11. I am learning so much about mail-in votes and it all makes sense if you use logic and reason. Unfortunately, too many of his followers don't have those characteristics. I was unaware about the votes being counted early was blocked by Republicans but it makes sense.

  12. We are around the same age. I learned not to stereotype when I was in junior high. I imagine you did too. I have read your blog for a long time and enjoy it very much. I won't stop reading because of this post, but things like this just increase the divide.

  13. I'm sorry that you feel that way.

  14. In response to Anvilcloud.... I never said anything about Christianity or Biblical issues. I don't equate the word "good" with that. (I have friends and family members who are atheists, yet I still consider them good people) Most of those folks I know who voted for Trump did so because of the economy and taxes. In fact, I know many of them are pro-choice when it comes to abortion. I don't believe anyone should assume things about another person based solely on who they cast their vote for. I voted for the Libertarian candidate. I wonder what that makes me? (besides being stupid for letting myself get sucked into this debate)

    Sorry, Debby. I'll butt out now.

  15. Although I have never voted for Trump and I dislike how he has treated the office of president, I do think he/his party have done some good. One of the biggest things he has done is to put America first instead of foreign countries. He put China on notice that we will no longer accept the huge trade imbalance as status quo. He said that the U.S. will no longer be the personal piggy bank for NATO and that other countries need to contribute their fair share. As someone who is somewhat of an isolationist, these have appealed to me greatly.

    One item that affected me personally to a great extent was the raising of the inheritance tax limit. Had that not occurred, I would now be saddled with several million dollars in taxes that I would not be able to pay without selling off land that my mom acquired and wanted to keep in the family as a dying wish. I've always felt silly that one must sell their inheritance to pay taxes for a second time on something.

    There are many other things but I won't go on. As someone politically in the middle, I see the vitriol spewed from both extreme sides. I personally didn't like President Obama's policies but I thought he made a fine president. I never belittled him by calling people who supported him Obamers or tried to lump everyone who voted for him into the same basket. I see people use the word Trumper as something that is negative and used to lump all his supporters in the same basket. I find it very disrespectful to what makes our nation great.

    I have many democratic and republican friends and I cherish all their view points. I especially cherish those that can respect the other side even when they are on the losing side. With respect, we can heal and be American's again. By being divisive and lumping everyone who "isn't with you as against you" is really not helping in this process.

    To your original post Debby, since I don't have a horse in this political race, I have enjoyed the last two days outside enjoying fantastic weather and just listening to the half hour evening news when I get in. I wouldn't trade these last two days for the any amount of votes in favor of one candidate or the other.

  16. So glad that Biden is staying calm and sane while the orange menace spouts off his rants..I notice Moscow Mitch and Lindsey Graham are suddenly moderating their comments...the leopards are already changing their spots....
    Scarey that tRump followers are listening to his calls to arm and get ready for a war....I just long for a return to normality as it used to be. It’s been 4 years of sheer hell...I no longer speak to ANY tRump supporters that I know. They are seriously lacking in character...

  17. Ed, I admire your mind, but I gotta say, I don't understand that last paragraph. We all have a horse in this race, no matter who you vote for, IMHO. What happens in the next four years affects us all. I have a long list of reasons that I would not vote for him, but the fact that he spoke with Putin in an unrecorded phone call, and then within hours called for troops to back out of Syria (despite the military's strong opposition) as Russia immediately began advancing told me all that I needed to know about his collusion with Russia. The fact that he has spoken to Putin on multiple occasions and said, 'the. subject. never. came. up.' in regards to the bounties paid to Afghanistan soldiers for the death of American troops. He is the president of the United States. In my opinion, he should have brought that subject up. It is unconscionable that he did not.

  18. You are correct that I do have a stake in whomever is elected because it might/will possibly affect me. What I really mean is that no matter if the next person elected does something that I don't like and I'm in the minority, I am comfortable with not getting everything I want if it is for the good of the nation and what the majority wants. I love our democracy and that means not always being on the winning side. Just having the freedom to be on the losing side and say publicly my disagreement is more than many people in this world have. President Trump has done many things I have disagreed with. But I'm still here and had the freedom to spend the day with my family enjoying the beautiful weather and the life we are able to live thanks to all of the previous 45 presidents and their policies, right or wrong... in my opinion.

  19. Well, here's something that I have been pondering over in my mind. I will never understand how we can see things so wildly differently, but this one thing I do know. While I do not know any of you personally, I know most of you well enough to say that I think that you are all good people. That's the bottom line, I guess. None of us are flawed or evil people, but we do see things from a very different perspective. Thank you for weighing in.

    1. Its the media. Watch/read both sides. You will be amazed by how different the events are told. For example "mostly peaceful protesters " vs "riots, and looting".

  20. Fascinating comments, and realistic. I always knew that America would come to a sensible decision, even though at the moment it is a nail biting rush to the end. Politics never gives everyone what they want but they need to work for the general good.

  21. What sources are you using?

    I would suggest using to determine where your media choices in so far as impartial and unbiased reporting.

    NPR reported it:

    The violence is wrong. But when you look at the thousands of protesters in these cities, compared to the arrests, you'll see that the majority of the protesters are behaving decently. The ones that don't? They need to arrested, charged, tried, and to serve their punishment.

  22. I'm in agreement that bloggers just seem to be "good people" and I have said more politically on this blog and others than I ever would in person. I really enjoy reading your passion in seeing Biden win and hope that someday I can feel as passionate about a president as you do.


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