Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The Day After

 After everyone left, I dragged through the afternoon. I tried to catch an afternoon nap, but I kept waking up. It just felt unnatural to sleep in the middle of the day. 

When Cara came home, she brought me two books I'd requested. Sue mentioned them over at her blog earlier, and I'd tried to locate them here. They were very expensive for old books, much dearer than my normal book spending. I'd asked Cara to keep a look out there, and in very short order, she found both Henrietta's War and Henrietta Sees it Through. I was pleased to have them. 

I took those books to my bedside table last night, meaning to read while Tim watched his football game. In a matter of minutes, I was nodding. I gave up, set the book back on the bedside table, lay down and was instantly asleep. 

I woke up this morning after sleeping the clock around. 

Two snippets of visit: My youngest grandaughter is a hoot. Even though she is too young for words, she will make herself very clear. She squinches up her little face and gets very loud. I love that you can hand he some little bit of nibble. She reaches for it immediately, her little brow unfurling, her little nose unsquinching, and a happy smile returning to her face. (She gets that from her dad, we joked. He is grumpy when he is hungry. We call it 'hangry'.) She toddles off, both hands in the air for balance, happy for the moment. 

My oldest grandaughter is in kindergarten and quite interested in reading. She has been read to all her life, completing the thousand book challenge well before she started preschool. 

Aunt Cara brought her some books back as well, and one of them was 'A Squash and A Squeeze'

The book tickled her, and she found it "ridiculous", giggling at every page. That night, she bunked in with Aunt Cara in the big ornate victorian bed upstairs. The following morning, Cara related waking up with a foot in her ear, and turning over to see a sleeping face still on the pillow next to her. "How does she even do that? She had to be twisted into a U-shape!" The funniest part was hearing that she'd been awakened by hearty laughter in the middle of the night, laughter that continued for a long time. "You laugh in your sleep!" she said to Iris who did not know this thing about herself. But she filled us in. telling us, "I had such a funny dream! A pig came into our bedroom and said, "My! You look comfortable!" and curled up on my pillow. 

No wonder the bed was A Squash and A Squeeze.

It is back to the grind. I would much rather mooch around the house today, dreamily gathering those wonderful moments. Instead, we will be hanging drywall at the renovation. 


  1. Thank you for sharing the little audiobook ... it's fun even for an old lady!!

  2. "Minimalism For Smallholders?" Brilliant audio and illustrations. Thanks Debby.

  3. Loved the little book, and hearing about grandkids. Enjoy the memories, which will be with you a long time!

  4. Such a sweet book. Such sweet granddaughters. Such sweet memories you have made.

  5. You were a tired girl. It must be nice to have the gift of sleeping like that. Sue can do it or close to it on rare occasions.

  6. I've heard tales like that before but this sure was a cute version. Thanks for sharing, Debby! I'm glad you had so much fun with your family.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I admire a child who can remember and relate a dream.

  8. What a delightful little book. I surprised myself by wanting to watch to the end! Not come across that one with the grandkids!

  9. What wonderful memories to lay down. When my son and his girlfriend and her little girl come to stay, they are usually kicked out of the bed by little "I", who starfishes across the king size bed and they have no room!!


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