Saturday, October 31, 2020

Lost and Found

On a hot summer day, I was part of a play in Seneca Falls, NY. to mark the 170th anniversary of the first women's rights convention.  Tim came along and we wandered the streets of that quaint little town, absorbing the history of it.

We found ourselves in front a small framing shop there and we went in. I spied the tiniest little thing, a perfect Christmas gift for someone far away. Tim and I studied it, and in agreement, we bought it. The artist carefully wrapped it, handing us a brown paper package all tied up in string,  I expected Julie Andrews to burst through a door singing about it.

I really was pleased with that little gift. 

I think it's probably because I'm getting Christmas put all together, but last night I dreamed about that little package and I woke up with it still in my mind. Today I went to retrieve it and take it upstairs to the 'Christmas' bedroom. 


It's not where I thought it was and I've got no earthly idea where I've put it. 

In my searching, I did unearth three gifts that I meant to give last year, but evidently forgot that I had.

I guess you could say that I'm ahead of the game. 

Late Edit: Two days later, I have found where I stashed it. 


  1. I have a bag with half a dozen carefully chosen birthday cards like that!
    Just too safe.

  2. When someone says 'You can't be too safe' in my head I'm thinking 'Yes. Yes I can'.

  3. I'm so glad you found it. I'm not even thinking about the holidays yet.

  4. I tend to buy Christmas gifts as I find them and because I guess I'm male, I store them in my shop. So every once in awhile I find a dusty box tucked somewhere and realize that I had forgotten to gift it.


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