Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Since we removed a beaver dam on our property, it's dried out a great deal of land and made it usable once again. Tim built a bridge across the little stream  so that he can drive the tractors out into that mess. He got himself stuck a couple times, but  as things dry out, he has been able to brush hog deeper and deeper into that once wet land. He was careful to leave a lot of brush and growth so that the deer still have a place to hide and feed, but there is a great deal of land that has dried out now. 

He wants to build a permanent tree stand in there. Tonight we walked back in to see what he has planned. 

There have been warnings all summer long about ticks and how bad this year has been for them. When I was in the army, part of my job was surveying for ticks. So I'm mindful. They creep me out. I use tick spray normally, but we've had multiple frosts and today was cold and in the 40s drizzling and well...when we walked in, I did not bother with tick spray.

I should have.


  1. Eeewww... I hate it when my husband comes back from a run over the bracken covered fells and says, "Can you just remove this tick for me?"

  2. The worst part is that I get the real heebie jeebies about it. I haven't had a tick for YEARS. But I felt like I had things crawling over me all night. I got up to take a shower in the middle of the night. I am ashamed to say that I am a bit of a baby about stuff like this. Ickkkkkk....

  3. I'm terrified of ticks.
    I was a boy scout and they warned us over and over about them.
    Glad the land is looking better! Who knew beavers could be so influential??


    P.S. thanx for stopping by!

  4. Wow! I never worry about ticks this time of year. You must have some really hardy ones.

    Generally the only time I worry about ticks is for the two or three weeks in the spring when I'm hunting for mushrooms. Otherwise, I generally always stay on trails during the summer which limits my exposure to them. Here anyway, was not a big tick season compared to last year. Last year I had to stop about every six steps to pick off several ticks before proceeding, even with tick spray. This year I maybe picked off a dozen or so ticks over the three weeks, none that had gotten attached. My brother has some really good stuff that he soaks his pants in overnight before wearing, (his job is in the woods) but I'm loath to use it unless I am going to be out all day because it is pretty nasty stuff that I don't want to recklessly expose myself too.

  5. I hate ticks! And yeah, I find one and I am creepy crawly for the rest of the day, even after showering. One year, we were having a hard winter, but one day in January, it was a glorious 50 degree day. I took the opportunity to hike in the woods. Yep, a tick in January!

  6. Hi Debby-saw you on my blog so I came to visit. I'm in Seattle but your story resonates with me. I grew up with hunters in rural upstate NY. We ate deer and ducks and pheasant and squirrel and rabbit and fresh water fish my entire childhood.

    I'm in a blue state and a very blue city but my retreat was in a rural county and we listened to gunshot all day.

    As for ticks, here on the West Coast, I'm not sure I've ever seen one. But yikes, creepy.

  7. Ticks.... I don't like them either. I hope you get rid of your heebie-jeebies and can rest well once again. I would have thought the frosts would have gotten rid of them too. ~Andrea xoxo

  8. Ugh. Ticks are a given around here. I've been bitten numerous times, but (thankfully) have never gotten Lyme, Rocky Mountain, or anything else.

  9. Ticks were horrible thus year at my in-laws. Poor Ms. Frizzle brought a few home and they are so, so disgusting. I had forgetten how much I detested them. Hope Tim's projects works out well.

  10. Hello Debby, It’s so nice to meet you. You live a very different life from me with beaver dams to deal with. Thank you so much for your visit and comment. Would you believe we were on a camping trip when I was about 7 months pregnant? When we came home, there was a tick stuck to my tummy. It was not pleasant removing it.

  11. I used to live in Hawaii, in Honolulu, right behind Tripler.


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