Sunday, October 25, 2020


A lot of people are concerned about what kind of Christmas this will be, what with Covid and all. Reading blogs from around the world (a new hobby of late), I can tell you that many countries are taking this virus a lot more seriously than we are. They have reason to be concerned about their Christmas. Some places are in lockdown which means that they cannot travel. 

It's not like this here in the land of the free. 

Read that how you want. 

But in my house, Christmas preparation is already under way. 

I have my Christmas list, and I have begun shopping in earnest. I know what I'm looking for, and as I see the items on sale, I buy them. I bring them home. I take them upstairs to one of the spare bedrooms. 

It helps. 

And when I find myself feeling overwhelmed about the state of the world, I go upstairs and I wrap something with great care. I put a ribbon on it. I label it. As I do these things, I imagine, for example, how excited Iris will be to see her dollhouse on Christmas morning (after her father assembles it, of course).  Whatever gift I am carefully wrapping, I consider the recipient receiving it. And it makes me happy to think on these pleasant things. 

And then I go downstairs, taking that 'happy' with me even after I pull the door shut at the top of the stairs

My happy place. 

Excuse the lousy picture. The downfall of a cheap phone. 

PS: the truck grill is Tim's. He wanted it something awful. I don't know why. 
However, it is his 'happy', and I don't begrudge him.


  1. My Christmas shopping is done & I'm finishing up my wrapping (hopefully) today. I don't know what the virus will bring us for Christmas but my children (all adults), my in-law children, and my grandgirls WILL-WILL-WILL have gifts from me (aka: Mrs. Claus) for Christmas. If things start to look like they're heading toward a travel ban, I will load up my car (with however many loads it takes) and turn it into a sleigh... and drop-off gifts at their doors... to open on Christmas Day.

    This virus can't outsmart me!! :-D

    Love your blog & am glad I found it~ Andrea xoxo

  2. I always do my Christmas shopping early and usually have everything wrapped and ready to go by Thanksgiving. I'm pretty much on track for this year.

    For me, Thanksgiving is the issue, for a variety of reasons. Right now, I'm pretty much taking the Scarlet O'Hara approach....

  3. My father died on Thanksgiving Day. It's hard to believe that it was 19 years ago.

  4. We were on lockdown in Hawaii. We went from one of the best states to one of the worst, but it looks like we’re improving again. We stay at home most of the time and don’t have gatherings. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas will be different, but we can deal with that for now. Until we get the virus under control, I know we all need to be mindful of each other.


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