Thursday, October 22, 2020

Pumpkin Post

 William came over to carve his pumpkin. We discussed the usual faces, but I said, "You know when your mom was little we always used to make a ghost pumpkin..." and I drew a picture. 

He looked at it. He said, "Grandma, I'm not sure you're artistic." 

Fair enough. I'm not. 

He took the innards out of his pumpkin, thinking about it. 

"We better do a face," he decided. 

"Okay," I said. 

He worked. I separated the seeds from the pulp and set them aside to dry. 

When he was finished, we got a marker to plan the face. He stood there with an agonized look on his face. "I like the idea of the ghost though."


This pumpkin has been approved by William. 


  1. I think this activity will be on our bucket list this weekend.

  2. Nicely done, William. The photo of him and his pumpkin is pretty epic as well.

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