Friday, October 9, 2020

Potty Talk

 Isn't it funny?

We've got big dramas playing out all around us, clamboring for our attention, and yet today, the chaos stopped dead in its tracks, just for a small blessed moment because on the other side of the state, one small pigtailed girl peed in her potty, leapt to her feet and shouted 'hurray!' as she clapped her little hands. 

And what I hope for you all is this: that you find that one small thing that allows you, even for a moment, to turn your attention to far less exhausting news. 

Speaking of that, you might want to head over to Bob's blog. He's had that one small thing happen in his own life. Stop over to congratulate him!


  1. Back when, I thought I would be glad when those days were over. Now that my oldest is in her teens, I would trade her back to the potty training days in a heartbeat!

  2. Thanks Debby! A blessing indeed! They are still all around us.


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