Monday, October 5, 2020

Another Find

My sister found a grinding stone. The thumb divot. 
The finger divots.  
The stone fits her hand as if that long ago tool was made just for her. 
Side note: She doesn't believe me that it is an artifact. 
She thinks it's just an interestingly shaped rock. 

I said, "Things like that don't just happen. It's shaped. It's been shaped for a purpose."

She counters with her theory that gases made bubbles in the wet stone. 
She does think it would be amazing if the stone had been discovered 
by someone who needed to pound something. 

Redneck Geologist? You feel free to weigh in here.


  1. I know if I had found it, I probably would have thought it an interesting rock and moved on. But I'm definitely not an expert on Indian artifacts.

  2. ... unless it is an arrowhead. I'm pretty good at identifying those!

  3. I have to agree with you, Debbie. Looks like an artifact to me. The thumb and finger indentations make it more likely than gas bubbles (omars). I am more of an environmental geologist then an archeologist.


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