Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Another Day

 New day.

I had a pot of what would become spicy black bean soup. I simmered a chicken breast with onion and garlic in the crock pot. Shred the chicken, add tomato puree and chiles, simmer on low overnight. In the morning, I will throw in some frozen corn, green onion and simmer some more. The last step is throwing in the rinsed black beans that have been soaking all night. 

I logged in for my class. I am the only year one student. I began my portion with the honest admission that I had really struggled with the lessons of the week. My biggest aggravation is that the author made some pretty broad statements in the face of evidence that disputed those assertions. In my mind, he was turning the subject into  a controversy. I announced that I was sick of controversy, and that one issue alone turned me completely off the lesson.

I was amazed when everyone laughed. "That's Collins..." every one agreed. The discussion that followed was very comfortable. Even enlightening.

Last night, I woke up. There was no restlessness or sense of foreboding. The smell of that good soup filled the house. There were no questions niggling at my mind from those frustrating lessons. Tim mumbled something in his sleep and rolled over to throw an arm over me. In the basket at the foot of the bed, Paddy stirred too, purring. 

I have no control over the chaos in this world. We have a mad man in charge. I can only take that conviction to the courthouse on November 3rd.

Sometimes, I think the only thing I can do is step away from it all. Focus on the details of my good life, draw a deep breath of gratitude. Eat a savory soup. Draw strength from conversations with others. Rest. 

The chaos will hold until the morning.


  1. Mmmm.. I think that soup could quite possibly cure all the evils of the world. x

  2. And whatever happens November 3rd, the sun will
    come up November 4th. We still live in a country where freedom is valued. If the mad man continues four more years, we’ll get through it, just as we will if his opponent takes residence in the Oval Office.

    1. There a lot of people a lot closer to the action than I am. They feel he is a danger to our democracy. I am strongly inclined to believe them.

  3. What are you studying, Debby? (oh, and that soup smells good from here!!)

  4. Good soup always makes me feel better about everything around me.

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