Thursday, June 1, 2023



Tim needed to photograph the assembly of the horizontal rebar to send to the inspector, who wasn't sure he was going to make it out today. He did make it out, and he's a pretty chatty character. He really thinks highly of Carrot Top/Johnny. According to the driver, at the beginning of that business relationship, Johnny would call repeatedly trying to set up appointments for the inspector to be there during the pour, but he could never preschedule it. Amish can't play phone tag, seeing as how they don't have phones. Trying to coordinate cement delivery with cement inspection got frustrating enough that finally, Johnny called and left a message. He said, "The cement is arriving at 2, and we'll be pouring. If you want to see it, be there." The driver said, "Oh, there was quite a discussion after the fact," and he laughed. "In the end, they reached a friendly agreement." 

It seems friendly enough. Tim says they greet each other like old friends, and that the inspector has commented to Tim several times on the quality of his work.  If he's busy, he just tells Tim to take pictures. 

This picture is from Tim's cell phone (a cheapie like mine) so the quality is not good. It is offensive to Amish to have their pictures taken, so I wait until they are gone to haul out my camera, but today I couldn't go (car trouble). Tim just took pictures. They are pouring the walls in the picture. Tomorrow will be a half day. They'll come and remove the forms. 

Tim and I have an assignment. We will gravel in and cover the french drains around the house. Next week is the final step: they pour the floor. I imagine the following weekend, we're going to be going great guns on getting the floor of the house on to keep any rain out of the basement. 

In other breaking news, after William mows Mrs. Weaver's lawn, tomorrow, he will have the money to buy his VR gear. Saving up $250 is quite an accomplishment for a 12 year old. I was trying to remember when this head set became a 'thing' I'm sure that it has been 10 or 11 weeks. He never wavered, and he never spent one dime on himself.  

It's been a quiet day here. Tomorrow we've got a bit of work to do on a rental. A quick job. We'll have a nice break Friday evening before heading into a working weekend.


  1. My 10 yr old grandson has been saving up for something game related for ages.. He has explained what it is to me but I didn't understand a word!! Costs in the region of £400 I think!

  2. The house is coming along nicely! And so are William's savings.

  3. Good for William! He'll value it more than he would have if it had just been given to him outright. :)

  4. I've spent the last 10 days doing framing work and I'm glad that it is done. I've had to drink an insane amount of water and gaterade to stay hydrated in this heat we've been having. Fortunately for us, there was not a drop of rain all 10 days until we got our building dried in.

  5. You remind me of a picture I took of Amish, walking back from the Cuyahoga River with a line of fish. I asked for their picture and the man said only of their backs. That was what I intended to do, so said nothing except thank you and took one of my loveliest pictures ever of their backs, line of fish, poles, walking up a very country two lane road.

  6. Hydration is so very important and easy to forget at times. I'm impressed with William's determination. The VR gear sounds like a really fun thing though.


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