Monday, June 12, 2023

Unheard of.

 After quite a long stretch of days with no rain, it was starting to get worrisome. Mattie said that she got scarcely any strawberries this year because there just was not enough rain. We had 2.01 inches of rain in May, which is less than half of what we normally get. We have had no rainfall at all for the month of June. Until Sunday. We've been promised rain for the past couple days. It didn't happen. I read that the reason we are not seeing the rain is, after three weeks of no rain and some blazing heat, it has been so dry that the rain is evaporating before it hits the ground. I need to do more reading on that. It sounds reasonable, but I've never heard of such a thing before. 

But it is raining now and they are calling for rain for most of the week. Of course they are: we are expecting the lumber for our house to be delivered Monday morning. Funny story about that. Tim went up and placed the order, over $4,000 in material. He pulled out his wallet and handed them his debit card. They said, "Oh, we don't take cards. Cash or checks only."

*shocked silence* 

Being unfamiliar with the area, Tim asked if there was a branch of our bank anywhere near by. 

The fellow said, "Oh, don't worry about it. You can just give the check to the guys when they deliver it on Monday." (It's about an hour away.)

Now how long has it been since you heard of a place that does business like that

There wasn't anything to be done at the new house, so we stayed in town Sunday afternoon and put a second coat of paint on the renovation. We got the house done before the drizzle started. 

One of the things that we are working on this summer is gently pushing William to be a bit more independent. He's pretty timid.  Yesterday, while we were painting, he did a $5 job, got bored and began to wonder when we would go home. He pushed a bit and I said, "Listen, if you want to go home, it's a nice day for a walk, but we're not leaving until we're finished here. I can't tell you precisely when that will happen." I honestly did not think that he would even consider it. 

Much to our surprise, he pondered this. It is exactly 1 mile, about 19 blocks. He said, "Well. I know the way." 

I agreed that he did and kept on painting. 

"I could call you on my cell phone if I got nervous."

"You could," I said, painting on. "I don't really think that you have anything to be nervous about though." 

It took him five minutes, but he made up his mind. "I'm walking home," he said and off he went. 

Spoiler: he was fine, he got home with no problems and even remembered to water the geraniums. 

Today, we went to the new house to install the sill plate. William was a great help. Tim was on scaffolding. I was on a ladder. It was very nice to have an extra set of legs to run things back and forth between us. There was no complaining either, which was appreciated more than you can guess. This evening, his grandpa gave him his pay for the last two days and his allowance for the week. He was pretty happy with life. 

He remembered a book that he wanted. He had plenty of money to make that purchase. I offered to take him to the store. "Here's the thing though. I'm tired, I'm in sweats, my hair's a wreck from working in the rain all day. If we're going, you'll have to run into the store yourself, get the book, and then pay for it. I'll wait in the car." 

He was quite nervous about that, not at all certain that kids his age were allowed to be at checkouts without a responsible adult. "What if they ask me for my ID?" 

"They won't," I said. "It's a cash transaction." To make him laugh, I suspiciously asked him just what kind of book he was buying anyway. 

"Not that kind," he said. 

He wanted his book pretty badly. I could tell he was wavering. I let him decide.

"I could call you on my cell phone, if there was a problem?" 

I assured him that he could. 

So off we went. On the way there, he made up his mind to use self checkout because he would not have to talk to an adult. 

The parking lot was pretty empty when we got there, which made him happy. I was able to park right at the entrance. He headed off to the store on his own. He must have run, because he was headed back to the car in very short order, waving his book over his head. 

It's kind of cool to be able to watch him making these little steps towards independence. I'm a lucky grandma. 


  1. I remember having to nudge my younger daughter into so many life decisions. I learned from "stories" from her friends in later years how many life adventures my older daughter strode into on her own.

  2. Sadly, we've had a number of businesses I frequent regress and no longer take credit cards so I have to pay in cash or check. Technically I could pay with a credit card but they charge a 3% transaction fee and technically I could pay with a debit card but I no longer have one. After having my number compromised last year for several hundred dollars (and I only use it at ATM's), I traded it in for an ATM only card. I am hoping that someday we can end this ridiculousness and get rid of those transaction fees to the seller and truly move into a cashless society.

  3. Go William!!! And yes, it is cool watching a grandchild take these small steps towards independence and responsibility. 😊
    You and Tim are wonderful grandparents!
    Hope Houdini's doing well.

  4. That's wonderful for William. I was terrified of everything when I was young and I wish I'd had a grandma that encouraged me to try things on my own.

  5. Yeah William! I’m nearly 69 and still suffer with nervousness and anxiety. Wish I’d had a grandma like you back when I needed it. Margaret from New Zealand

  6. Wonderful that you're encouraging him to make decisions and to venture into the world. I'm thrilled that he wanted a book that badly that he would overcome his fear of going into the store by himself. Which book was it?

  7. You and William make a good team! Linda in Kansas

  8. Cash or cheques, lol. Nowadays here it only the government who sends cheques, sometimes.
    It is good to push William a bit. Keep pushing him.

  9. Good for the boy! I am curious though, for I have never encountered a self checkout that could take cash.

    1. Really? I have never seen one that couldn't.

  10. Things we all used to do without a thought as kids seem now to be major obstacles. So, what book was it?

  11. He is a good helper..and he is getting there, growing in confidence.

  12. Baby steps- that's how it goes for some of us. I know you love seeing William taking more control of his life.

  13. You give him good advice and he is getting braver bit by bit. He will find his way with your guidance and I hope he has a wonderful life!

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  15. You are also a great Grandma to set up situations where William experience success.

  16. How funny that he wanted to avoid talking to a checkout clerk! It IS cool to see kids grow up and get more independent. It's great that he got to walk home alone. More kids need that kind of life experience.

    I can't believe the building materials place expected a cash or check payment! Who writes a check anymore?! I haven't written one in years.

  17. I like to use self-check for the same reason.

  18. You are not a lucky grandma. You are a grandma who is putting her heart and soul into raising this nervous lad into a strong independent man and you are doing a fabulous job. You deserve to be proud of him.

  19. You are indeed a lucky grandma but William is also lucky to have you for a grandma.


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