Wednesday, June 21, 2023


 We got about 1/3 of the floor joists in. We'll hit it hard tomorrow, because it is calling for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. We plan to get up early and try to get as much done as we can. We hope to have the subfloor on by the time they make the second delivery of lumber for framing up the walls (Saturday). We will work on that next. 

No pictures today because some ass forgot the camera. 

Not even bad pictures, because she forgot her cell phone too. 

It hasn't been all grim. Remember my row with Optum financial? I needed an account number on my paperwork to close my account. On their paperwork that they send me apprising me of my balance, it only provides the last four digits of that account number. After several tries with customer service, I finally was told that they couldn't tell me that number over the phone, but they could send it. I waited for a week and finally received their reply. It was simply an envelope that contained the form that I had already printed out. There was no account information at all. 

I put the form completed with the last four digits of my account number, a polite letter telling me that the invoice they sent me did not provide the full number. I listed the calls to customer service. I enclosed the unhelpful form that had been sent to me. I pointed out that I had called my previous employer at their headquarters in Minnesota. They did not have that information. They promised to check into it and call me back. 

(Cue Morgan Freeman's voice) "However, they did NOT call her back." 

I enclosed the four pages of documentation, and told them I was expecting to hear back from them and sent it all off. 

It's supposed to take 10 days to process an account closure. 

Two days ago, I hauled out my copies of everything and pondered how to word my letter to the Federal Reserve. YESTERDAY, people, an amazing thing happened. I got a check for the entire $1471.94. 

So. That was some unexpected happy news. 

And remember that I bought an economy pack of toothbrush heads for my Phillips Sonicare? I spent $40 on a five pack only to discover they were not the ones that fit MY Phillips Sonicare. Steve said he didn't think that Walmart would take back an opened pack of toothbrush heads. Note that every head had a plastic cap snapped over top of it. Those had not been removed. Still, the carton was opened. To make matters worse, Tim had tossed the bag and receipt looking for his prescription. So. I was nervous heading up to customer service. 

They looked up the order by my debit card, found the purchase, and put the money back on my card. I was surprised about that. Turns out that the returns go to giant Walmart return centers.   People bid on pallets of returns. Who knew?

Anyways, I ordered the toothbrush heads from Amazon (an economy pack of 10 cost me $12.00). They arrived and fit fine. They are a different color. My toothbrush is like a pearl white, and these are just plain white, but I can deal with that. I've always been a function over form girl anyway.

So there you go. Two happy things. 

I am tired. My wine cooler tastes extra special tonight. Tomorrow, we will get up and do it all over again.


  1. I'm impressed that the two of you install floor joists and then put down the subfloor

  2. Definitely you deserve a glass of wine! A good day all round.

  3. Just be careful! Linda in Kansas

  4. You lucked out with the toothbrushes. I once opened the wrong printer ink and was stuck with it. I think I gave it away on Buy Nothing.

  5. Your are both such hard workers, if only for your own benefit.

    I needed some money from my superannuation. I gave up after the site wanted two factor authentication. I am happy to do that but there was nowhere to click. I called and it was a phone queue call back. Within five minutes of talking to a person, it was all sorted and the money was in my bank account the next day. Online doesn't have it perfect yet, so often it is still better to speak to someone. I think I would want something stronger than a wine cooler after your day, but then you have to up early tomorrow and bright eyed.

  6. I once bought a bra from walmart, took it home, tried it on and it didn’t fit. Back I go and there were none any bigger, but they were refusing to credit me back for it.. I said it isn’t my fault that they didn’t have anymore my size, so after me not giving up, they credited me, just to move the line for returns faster I think. I don’t think I have bought anything there since.

  7. Well bravo on both counts! I'm so impressed that Wal-Mart took back those toothbrush heads. I guess for all the complaining we do about customer service (and I am certainly guilty of it) sometimes things work out. Woo hoo!

  8. All I can say is that you have incredibly super powers.

  9. Walmart has every transaction you do on tape. They film you putting the items on the belt.
    The film the cashier scanning the products, putting them in the bag and you taking them. They can bring up your receipt in a few seconds and watch what you buy.

  10. I've had good "returns" experiences at Walmart AND Amazon lately. Glad yours turned out well, too.

    "Form ever follows function" - Louis Sullivan, American architect

    1. I've heard that some people believe that.

  11. Well that is awesome about the two happy things. Yay for you! I had no idea people bid on pallets of returns either and that is certainly interesting. I wonder how many details you get on the pallets. I might have to investigate. Good luck with the work on the house.

  12. Good luck with everything! Fingers crossed for a normal weather season.. when we did our addition (about 16 years ago now!) it was the rainiest spring/summer in about 100 years 🙄Yet, it all got done eventually! Keep calm and carry on… Ricki


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