Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Burned me up.

 We got up and got cracking on the insulation. Unfortunately, the machine that is used to blow in the insulation had some issues. It appears that the blower was not strong enough to blow the insulation through the tubing, which in turn caused the feed to shut down. After the 3rd breakdown, I got impatient. 

We tried to call Lowe's. I asked for the operator, but they insisted on knowing why I was calling (automation). When I answered equipment rental, the automatied voice explained that they did not rent equipment. So. Tim drove over. 

I'm pretty goal oriented, and so inefficiency bugs the snot out of me. 

Tim came back with new hoses. He said, "I couldn't get anyone to wait on me, and so I just took the hoses." I guess I'm wasn't the only irritated person.

We tried the new hoses, but the hopper still wasn't feeding the fluff through, so we loaded it all up and took it back to Lowes. They apologized. We got our deposit back. That's all. The guy said, "So did you get done?"

Tim said, "No. We will have to get a machine that works someplace." I swear to you. That man is so patient. I kept my mouth shut because I really wasn't feeling all that patient.

So that's the that. We're not done, and we don't know when we'll get done. 

Last Friday, I was making spareribs for Tim's birthday. I was draining the grease which splashed. In my rush to set the pan down, I splashed myself again. 3rd degree burns upon my person. To add to my surliness, leaning over that hopper I managed to burst those blisters, which made a bad day infinitely worse. 

Sometimes the best thing about a day is that it ends. 


  1. Hope things get better! Some towns have a machine rental place that's not attached or inside a Lowe's type store. Linda in Kansas

  2. Ow! Not a good day.
    Hope you find somewhere with better equipment..and better manners.
    Look after those burns x

  3. Ouch, and how blardy annoying - both the equipment not working and the company who didn't give a flying youknowwhat!

  4. Equipment that does not perform as advertised is a pain but not as bad as third degree burns.
    What a day. Glad it ended. Just think- if you had stayed in bed or spent the entire day reading a book, the end result would have been better than the way it turned out.

  5. Sorry for the lost day, Debby! Hope the burns heal up soon - take care!

  6. Burned literally and figuratively

  7. Well, that's annoying. Seems like a pretty useless machine -- if it didn't work for you I imagine it's not working for anyone.

  8. OUCH!! Bet you were both happy to have that day end. Hope your burns get better soon.

  9. I think you showed great restraint. Poor customer service (or NO customer service) sends me crazy. Add the burst blisters and no wonder you were happy to see the day end.


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