Friday, August 27, 2021

On line.

 An online acquaintance was talking about the texts and e-mails he gets from "lonely women" looking for a guy just like him, and thanks be, they have finally found the answer to their prayers, and so to him, and only him, they send him provocative photos, as praying women (preying women? women?) tend to do. 

Anyhow, he got yet another racy picture. This was a little different. The leader of the lonely hearts club wanted him to download an app. He was invited to an exclusive group. "Lonely women looking for good sex." 

Hal, being a bit of a wag, sent an e-mail with his hopeful query. "Might there be a few there looking for bad sex?" 

He's received no answer as of yet.

I remember another on-line friend, a white haired bearded fellow. We were discussing a political thing, going back and forth in a group. Suddenly there popped in a beautiful stranger. She had seen Bud's profile picture and was taken by it. He had a lovely smile. (His profile picture is a serious looking bearded Bud. You cannot see his smile at all, actually.) She asked him to send her a friend request. Bud responded, "Oh, that's very nice of you to say. I will send you a friend request." Much to the horror of everyone else in the group. 

I shot off a quick response. "BUD. DO NOT SEND A FRIEND REQUEST!"

He responded with "Why?"

So as a group, we educated him. The 'woman' was horribly affronted and kept telling us all to mind our own business, and we kept up our education of Bud, and finally she got very vulgar and sent out an all caps response about what we could all do with ourselves, and we responded with a half dozen laughing emojis. 

Most fun any of us had had online in some time. I said, "Gees, Bud, aren't you glad you didn't get tangled up with that? She's got quite a temper on her."

And then we settled down to the business at hand. 

Yesterday, I got home from work to find some official looking papers spread out on the table. "What's that?" I said, setting down my work bag and headed to the fridge to begin supper. 

I've been summoned for jury duty.;


  1. may have ruined a true romance 😉
    Good luck with the jury service. I was lucky enough to be excused due to my hearing impairment.

  2. It is a rather strange thing that so much of the internet has not worked out I am a gay man. While I ignore such things, perhaps I should ask my my luscious
    faux blonde prospective Russian bride if she has a brother and can she send me a provocative photo of him.

    Jury duty hey. The pay is not bad and the hours short. She looks guilty to me. My job is done.

  3. It upsets me - how so many scams are coming my way these days. I think it is cruel to try and take advantage of the lonely or elderly. I am glad you were able to warn your friend off. I wish there was a way to stop it!

  4. I once heard a saying about online relationships. "The odds are good but the goods are odd."

  5. Jury Duty is probably what you don't need right now. Like Andrew, above, I was excused. They sent me another notice a few years later, but I wrote that if I was excused once ... I trust they've taken me off the list.

  6. Great comment from Ed. I need to remember that...

  7. I love Ed's comment too. I think he may have won the internet today.

  8. You ad a surprise ending to your post. Good luck with jury duty.

  9. I’m so glad you were able to save your friend. There are weird people out there. I think they’ve stopped jury duty for a while in Hawaii.

  10. The "odds" saying originated in Alaska, and has been on every "Mountain Men of Alaska" calendar that I've purchased. I would not want to date in Alaska. Or perhaps keep the whole relationship on-line.

  11. I get mysterious women on Facebook trying to friend me now and then. Little do they know they're barking up the wrong tree!


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