Monday, August 16, 2021

Home Again, Home Again

I had such a wonderful time. Iris met me on the steps calling, " 'Ama, 'ama, ama!!!" She was shy with Tim but warmed up quickly. She knew William from his pictures. 

She loved her picnic basket. The tea party things were a hit. We got her little folding table out and set the table for tea. The silver plastic carafe was a good call. It will be awhile before she masters the pour. We picked a bouquet of wildflowers for her little vase, and she set it carefully in the middle of the table. We had cheese crackers and ice water (easier to clean up in case of spills, and it was so hot out that it was the drink of choice anyway). We washed our dishes when we were done and packed them carefully back into the basket, tucking it away in the corner of the dining room. There were two more tea parties before I left. 

Her party was a great success. Her mother's hobby is cake decorating, so the cake was a mermaid/under the sea theme. Her father's hobby is smoking meat, so he made a brisket and a pile of ribs. Add a fruit salad, a tossed salad from the garden, and a pasta salad, 30 people and a gaggle of kids and you've got a birthday party! 

Her parents got her a bright red Mustang convertible to drive around the backyard and her little mind was blown. 

As much fun as the birthday party was, my favorite parts were the before and the after  the tea parties, and her big blue eyes fixed on me as she asked me to read (yet again) "Ittle Ickle" (Little Pickle)  We strung beads. William taught her about Pop-Its which she had never seen before. She examined the little tissue wad in her hand curiously, and when William threw his on the ground and it made its 'snap', she couldn't stop laughing. We finally got her to throw hers and she laughed even more when hers cracked. We went through a box and left three more boxes behind for another day. We talked and drew pictures. She was pleased with the clip on earrings I found for her dress up box. 

I had an entire weekend with both of my grandkids in the same place and I thought my grandma heart would burst. 

Sunday morning, we went out for brunch, and then there was the obligatory stop at Cabela's, and then it was done. We were headed home. 

This week is mandatory 10 hour days at work, but back in Blandon, there is a brand new three year old who was taking her brand new umbrella out into the rain. There was very likely another tea party. I'm sure that she made another necklace. 

I worked steadily, and wished I were there. 


  1. You at least have nice things to remember while you slave away.

  2. Welcome home! It sounds like a fabulous time and fabulous memory. Sigh…

  3. Grandchildren times are so precious - happy memories

  4. Wonderful. Such memories to keep.

  5. Thank you Debby - you reall had me at that lovely pary.

  6. So, you are an Ama. So is Sue, but we spell it correctly, Amma. lol
    I am Buppa. Even Sue calls me that most of the time now.

  7. I have never asked iris how we spell it. :)

  8. Sounds like a very memorable trip.

  9. I'm so glad a wonderful time was had by all!

  10. I'm so glad you had a good trip and you, Iris and William made more memories! Your post sent me on a quest to read about Pop-Its and how they work. You learn something new every day, as they say!

  11. Sounds wonderful, Debby. Glad you and Tim had a great time. Thank you for sharing the memories with us.

  12. A wonderful time was had by grandma and granddaughter. She's a lucky little girl.

    I had to look up Pop-its too.


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