Sunday, August 1, 2021

Plodding on.

 Two things: I don't believe that my aunt's idea about the scammers using a group directory to engage people to get a conversation that they can splice together to use in other scams holds water. In my case, there is not a lot to be gained from a short conversation that basically amounted to "who the hell is this? You're either fucking nuts or this is a scam. In any case, take your proof to the police. I'd sure as shit be interested to hear what they have to say about it." 

Another member of my group got "I have a security system on my house, and you need to stop drinking from my water hose." She does walk a lot. She also is a nurse who wouldn't dream of drinking from water hoses. But what frightened her is that when she hung up the landline, her cell immediately rang from the same number. 

When we reported it (for informational purposes only), the police officer asked if we knew a lady by the name of '------'. I told him no because I didn't recognize the name. 

Another member of the group said he got a call from someone pooping in his yard, and apologized saying next time he'd use the bathroom before leaving the house. 

At that point, I realized we belonged to the same group. I got out the directory and there was the name that the police officer had asked me about. I called him back to let him know the link. 

A friend contacted me because he'd been badly upset by his phone call. He did not tell me what was said but he was disturbed because they knew his area. His long time partner died and I think that things are tough for him right now. The phone call seemed to upset him. 

Another friend said she'd gotten a call that the government was changing her birthday because too many people were born on the same day. 

Soooooo....It seems as if they were trying to engage you in conversation, they would not be using such ridiculous lead ins (although three of the conversations did make people nervous.) 

What exactly is going on remains to be seen. 

Thelma. Your clock is now two chimes ahead. If I'm understanding you it is now ringing 10 times at eight o'clock. So. What you want to do is stop your pendulum and move the hour hand to whatever hour the chimes just rang. Set your cell phone or a timer to remind you to start the pendulum again two hours later. I must not have understood what you were saying or your mechanism is different (I can't believe that would be the case.) Let me know how that works though. You've got me intrigued. 

We spent a very nice day yesterday. I dug all the volunteer potatoes, the stray things that pop up all over the place from a potato that got picked up and moved, probably chopped up too by the big tractor tiller in the spring. My cucumbers are going great guns, and I spent a lot of time in my tomatoes which are heavy with green tomatoes. Nothing red yet. I've got two different patches of them. My peppers are just beginning to produce peppers (except for the chile and the jalapenos). I'm going to have some nice canteloupe and the carrots, onions, and cabbages are doing their thing. 

I'm up to my ears in squashes. I was at my sister's and I asked my niece if she needed a couple zucchini. She  said she would love some. Right away, my sister said, "Hey, I've got plenty of zucchini!" I said, "I asked her first, so she's taking mine!" I still came home with five large ones. Tim is quite happy and wants me to make stuffed zucchini again this week. I'll probably make some zucchini bread today, and grate some extra to throw into the freezer in 2 cup packages to make zucchini bread after the season. My daughter-in-law has begun dehydrating hers and storing them a large jar. She'll scoop them out and add them to soup come this winter. 

Another thing that I've got is pumpkins. My gosh. They keep climbing out of their patch and into everything else. I hacked some back from the peppers last week, and was surprised to see that the pieces of vine had continued to grow. They rooted where they were thrown and this week were covered in blooms and even one small pumpkin! 

We spent the rest of the day finishing the work on the front of the garage. We'll have it buttoned up for winter by next permitting of course. 

Today is the day of housework, laundry, picking up the groceries we need for the week. Basically getting ready for the work week. Another week of 10 hour days. 

(plus there may or may not be a little side trip to pick up a dome topped antique steamer trunk that someone is selling for $25.)

But other than that, life plods on as usual. 


  1. I got a scam voicemail like that the other day, just some bizarre accusatory stuff. I NEVER answer calls unless I recognize the number but the voicemail picks up. I go in to my phone settings and block the numbers immediately and report them as spam.

  2. Interesting info on the scams. It definitely seems like someone is up to some mischief with your group. Still very weird!

  3. My daughter makes muffins that use zucchini, almond butter, and cocoa powder that are some of the best things I've ever put in my mouth.

  4. I don't understand why people engage with these scammers or whatever they are up to. Don't answer if you don't know who is calling and if you do answer, hang up as soon as it seems strange.

    Too many people born on one day, haha.

    Your vegetable garden sounds very productive. Some are things I never attempted to grow.

  5. Ever since I put our phone number on the DO NOT CALL list, it dramatically reduced the number of scam calls we've been getting. It's wonderful.

  6. I have put us on the do not call list multiple times. Perhaps this needs 'refreshed' or something. I will try again, but I don't think this will reduce the number of scam calls, really. They use false display numbers to hide who they are, and that would make tracking them down to mete out punishment pretty difficult.

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  8. Those are weird calls. I couldn't help but laugh at the poop one.


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