Thursday, August 12, 2021

 It's midnight. The alarm will be going off in less than five hours. I'm wide awake. I lay there in bed for a couple hours with my mind running off on a mess of tangents. Finally, I got up to read some blogs for a while. 

Over at Gnat-Bottomed Towers, Aril wondered about "Mayday!" How did a spring day turn into a call for help? Turns out it is from the French 'm'aidez'.


And I wondered why I never wondered about that before. 


  1. Midnight is weird, I woke up at that time over the weekend and I could hear in the distance the sound of Karma Chameolon played by Culture Club. It was a wedding party playing old hits. Music has been on my mind ever since!

  2. It's always darkest just before dawn. I had a sleepless night and my head going off into tangents too.

  3. It's frustrating when that happens. I watch the clock ticking through the hours thinking that surely I must doze off soon.

  4. Ah, the wee small hours...but definitely a constructive blog wander.

  5. Thanks for sharing that tidbit. Now I know. (and I also wonder why I never wondered about that before)

  6. I think I've read that before, but it was nice to be reminded!


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