Monday, August 9, 2021


I saw that I had an e-mail from a casual friend. It was short. She wanted to know if I had an Amazon account. Signed it, "Blessings" and her first name.  She's a minister, so that part fit. 

Interesting side note. I know that she has an Amazon account, because she had just posted a picture of her new canopy cover that took her three exchanges to finally get the correct size on. 

Just to be sure, I instant messaged her. She apologized and said she'd been hacked. 

I responded with "I'm not sure why YOU'RE apologizing..." 

She replied that an elderly friend had lost $200 in the scam, and could not get it back. 

I answered that spoof e-mail. I said, "Why don't you stop by and we can talk about it." I hit send.

I received a reply. Unfortunately, she was unable to stop in. She was in Panama for the funeral of a dear friend who had died of covid, but she had promised a woman dying of cancer that she'd buy $200 of google play. She was unable to do that from Panama, and she closed begging me for my help to get this sorted out. She would pay me back immediately upon her return.

(Because people on their death beds long for google play, I guess.)

I replied, "Well, you are a slyboots. You didn't mention Panama at all. You simply ran on about some poor elderly man getting scammed by some e-mail thing. Sure am glad I do not fall for that kind of thing. How's the weather, there?" 


  1. Great reply. Showers today on the Irish Riviera.

  2. Well, it had me until the end.

  3. Scammers are becoming more devious and more creative. If I had my way I would put them up against a wall and shoot the lot of them. Does that seem unkind?

  4. It seems so many people are getting hacked these days. The old fashioned way of picking mental passwords that can be remembered is just not cutting it anymore. I'm glad I no longer do that.

  5. It must be profitable enough for people to keep doing it, but for the life of me ...

  6. LOL -- way to toy with the scammers!


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