Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Hump Day

Send zucchini recipes, stat! 

You know what's worse than working mandatory 10 hour days? Catching your second cold in 3 weeks in the middle of the week. 

It's raining like crazy right now. Tim's out buying himself new underwear. Our basement flooded. He doesn't want the washer running right now. He's out of underwear. 

Brittani sent me a picture of Iris this morning. "Tea party breakfast! Still a hit!" There was Iris standing next to her little folding table, nicely set for a breakfast tea party.  You can't even guess how happy that picture made me.

The news is breaking my heart. 

I haven't seen my garden for 1 1/2 weeks. I could have gone tonight with Tim, but I decided to go to bed instead. 


  1. Ten hour days are long days, especially five days a week. No wonder you're sick. I'd be worn out working that much. Hope you feel better soon and hope the basement is dry soon too.

  2. 10 hour days sound far too log to me.
    Hope it's just a short summer cold

  3. It sounds like you need a good long rest. Take care of yourself.

  4. Yes 10 hours a day is definitely too long, do rest when you can.

  5. Yes, sleep for a cold is a good idea.

  6. I have been advised (but never tried - you can let me know) that onion juice is the goods!!

    I hope that you get better soon.

  7. Take care of yourself and get some rest!

  8. Just make sure it's a cold and not Covid. Like Bob, I had a breakthrough case that started out with cold symptoms, too. A vaccine is not a guarantee, but it certainly helps.

    I'll send you the muffin recipe my daughter makes that so good.

  9. I'm not surprised you're getting a second cold. You're working too much! Take care of yourself!

    There's an excellent zucchini bread recipe in one of the Moosewood cookbooks -- I think it's "More Recipes from Moosewood."

  10. Here you go:


I'm glad you're here!

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