Saturday, December 12, 2020

Try to Remember

Remember the old days when a theater could be packed


  1. I'm trying to remember when I wasn't scared of being too close to other people. :(

  2. A theatre packed,
    A bookshop where you could pick the books up to read without always buying.
    A grocery store at Christmas, all sweaty and excited

    I am sure these times are not far away again

  3. I would be prepared to give up everything this Christmas if it meant our future ones will. A protected. We ho to the theatre every year for British pantomimes, my girls are 40 and 36 with families of their own and we still do it.

  4. I am absolutely with you on that point, Essex. Still, even though I am pretty practical, the closer we get to Christmas, the more I find myself remembering when we didn't even have to think about these things. I realize that I've done this: there was the Christmas that came in the middle of chemo, and I could not join in extended family celebrations. I keep telling myself that that one Christmas passed and things returned to normal. I keep telling myself that this Christmas will pass and things will return to normal. It's just odd to me that when I watch these old videos, the first thing that strikes me is how packed that theater was, how closely people were sitting.

  5. I don't think I ever enjoyed going to a theater once I reached adulthood. In fact, in the last 20 years, I can count the times I've gone to a theater on both hands. Probably five of those times have been for the benefit of my daughters to see a particular movie they were jonesing for and another two or three were date nights with my wife so I probably have a couple fingers to spare.

    I don't like the crowds, the noise, the loud sounds and the inability to pause or go get a drink without missing something. I would much rather rent via my Netflix subscription.

  6. I find even in books unexpected closeness or touch makes me unnerved!

    Its like seeing media from 20 years ago and no mobile phones.

    I will watch the clip when people are awake here.

  7. I cannot stand the volume that they play movies at. The last movie I saw in ta theater? They Shall Not Grow Old. It was loud, but I'm kind of guessing that wWI was, as well. So I made an exception for that one.

  8. I miss my cinema
    So much
    Booked for next week but I have to sneak over from wales to England to see it x

  9. Welcome, John. I'm awfully sorry about Winnie


I'm glad you're here!

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