Wednesday, December 16, 2020


William and Grandpa watched Jon Bon Jovi singing his powerful song :'American Reckoning'. When he began playing his harmonica, William watched in fascination. 

Grandpa, noting his interest, said, "I'll bet you could learn to play the harmonica."

Grandma looked at Grandpa with undisguised horror. 

It is winter.

William has been here a long stretch of days. 

We are homeschooling. 

William is high energy. 

I have my hands full and I pray for patience. A lot. 

Add a harmonica to the mix? 

Grandma looked at Grandpa and she said, "I swear to sweet Jesus, if you give him a harmonica..." 


  1. You could always show him a video of Neil Young?😊

  2. Northsider: you just keep quiet on your side of the ocean. :)

  3. It could be worse. Drums would be worse.

  4. One of the best things I ever did was get my kids an electric keyboard. They can play it until their hearts content while wearing ear pieces. It came in handy whey they were both learning. Now that they are more proficient, I really enjoy listening to them so have to keep telling them to take out the ear pieces and crank up the volume.

    Sounds like you are in for some snow today. Hunker down and enjoy time with Tim and William!

  5. unfortunately, we are doing long division. High emotion day. Instead of teaching them to do it step by step, they introduced 1, 2, and 3 digit divisors, remainders, no remainders. It took a while and he is weeping because it took long enough that he has homework. Not a day to enjoy.

  6. Johnny Cash playing Orange Blossom Special is my favourite harmonica music. Are you sure you don’t want him to learn, it could be his fortune.

  7. My son played the drums and the band always practiced at the home of the drummer AND they had a punk rock band! They would practice in the basement - screaming their songs while the rest of us huddled upstairs trying to hear each other speak! One of their songs was called, "Snakes don't have arms"! I laugh now at what we put up with! Nice kids, tho. I think one of them became an architect and another is a lawyer now.

  8. I have a harmonica. I think Oh Susannah might be the only thing I can (semi) play on it.

    Good luck with the long division today. From what I could tell when I visited my older granddaughter's middle school on grandparents' day (she's in college now!), was that they sure made math a lot harder than necessary. I remember wanting to raise my hand and ask why!

  9. A harmonica--oh, NO! On top of everything else.:( I remember my horror when my daughters had recorders that they had to learn to play. It was not relaxing!

  10. "I swear to sweet Jesus if you give him a harmonica..." haha! This made me laugh. The harmonica might have to go "missing" if you know what I mean!

  11. Musical instruments and the learning they provide is actually really good for kids with short attention spans. Quite often, people are surprised at the focus that happens.

    But a room with a door that closes might be a great idea. :)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  12. I'm all about musical instruments...just not right now.

  13. (Old) men do speak before they think... I have an 87 year old one here, so I know.

    Could be worse. He could have suggested a set of drums.

    -ducking, running, and hiding-


    Greetings from the "North Pole"!


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