Sunday, December 20, 2020

Treating Myself

A few months back, I saw something, and I wanted them so very badly. They are a series of windows made of a combination of frosted and clear differently textured leaded glass. I told the woman that I would buy them. We agreed to meet and then suddenly, without warning, she decided not to sell them after all. 

I was very disappointed. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. 
But when a seller decides not to sell, what are you going to do? 

(Hint: Nothing. You're not getting your windows.)

So. I got over it, and life went on. 

Yesterday, much to my amazement, I saw them offered for sale once again. 

Once again, I told her that I would take them. 

This time, she didn't change her mind!

Today, we went to pick them up. 

Disappointingly, she'd had them long enough that she couldn't remember when they came from. I love old things that come with their story. 

This glass is upside down. It is smaller than the others. Once the windows are aligned at the top edge and spaced evenly, the rays line up almost perfectly. 

I like a long narrow window above the bed that lets in light. 

That's where these will be used when we build the retirement property. 

Merry Christmas to me!


  1. Nice windows. Look forward to reading about your new retirement plans. Will it be a bungalow on one level?

  2. Nice windows, that is a good plan.

  3. Part of a bigger plan, gz. Northsider, we will live on one level. It will have a basement with a 'bonus' kitchen space, a place where we can butcher and where we can do the canning. The big freezer will go there. On the main floor will be the main kitchen, livingroom, laundry/mudroom, bedroom and bath. The kitchen and the livingroom will be in the front of the house because Tim wants cathedral ceilings in the worst kind of way. There will be a second floor at the back of the house. Two bedrooms with a bath between them for when the kids come to visit with the grandchildren. There will be a 3 season sun room on the back of the house. In the winter, we will simply shut the door between the two spaces.

    Plans subject to change.

  4. Great windows! I'm so glad you got them after all! They were meant to be yours, clearly.

  5. They will look great in that home, provided another tree doesn't take them out before it gets built.

    I know a woman on blogger that used to make those sorts of windows. It looked like a fairly easy DIY project with only a few tools needed. For me it remains about hobby number 2057 that I would like to try once someday in the future.

  6. It's always great to get your dream windows, or in my case--my dream chandeliers and flooring. :)

  7. I actually thought that I would have to dissemble these and relead them and put them in a new frame, but I am delighted to say that they are sturdy and well built and there is nothing to do but to set them in a larger frame to be installed as one unit. We will probably seal them between two layers of safety glass. Extra protection. Just in case a tree falls on the house. But...what are the chances of THAT happening?

  8. Those are lovely and I can’t wait to see what you do with them, how you use them. Great gift to yourself and probably twice as precious because you lost them once and got them in the end!


  9. I love glass. Those windows are beautiful. Art Deco. Love em.

  10. They're pretty. Here in England the sunburst style like that was very popular in the 1920s and 1930s so maybe they date from then. Sometimes you see them coloured, so it looks like the suns rays are reaching over the countryside, etc.

  11. And those are pretty chairs you have there !


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