Monday, December 14, 2020

Speaking Firmly

I can't sleep.

Probably my just desserts since I was over at Yorkshire Pudding's blog having a good laugh at his insomnia. 

It was a busy day, preparing for the boys' school week, getting groceries, getting some of the more involved house cleaning done, and trying hard to get my own study time in for my Tuesday night zoom class. 

My daughter is showing some minor covid symptoms and they are still waiting on their results, so William is still here. I was trying to usher him to the showers before bed, and he was trying to delay because he knew he was headed to bed. Tim sprawled on the couch watching another football game while he waited for the football game he REALLY wanted to see. 

I firmly told William, "It's time for a shower now, and I don't want to hear anymore about it." I got the water temperature to his liking. 

I headed into the living room and firmly told Tim that I was going to need him to vacuum the living room and the office. 

I headed back to the bathroom to make sure that William got his hair rinsed well, and then did a quick tidy up in the kitchen while I waited for William to finish his shower. The boy does love his showers. Long, hot, leisurely showers. When you are 9, anything is better than going to bed. 

But the shower was finally done, teeth were brushed and one little boy was in bed reading. Tim vacuumed not only the two rooms I asked him to, but vacuumed the hall and the bedroom as well. 

A firm voice is a handy thing to have, I've discovered. 

We added slightly less than 100 cases to our count over the weekend, from 685 to 781. The lower numbers were cheering. 

Now I am firmly telling myself to get back to bed. 


  1. I hope your second try at sleeping worked well.

  2. Well, that all worked out better than I thought it might. LOL

    When I was nine I wasn't allowed to take showers. I had to take baths, and I hated them. But I loved a shower!

  3. The worst part of getting older is the sleep situation. I love to sleep well and just struggle more and more at it. For me the hardest part is waking up at dark thirty and then casually thinking about something I'm planning on doing the next day. That ends up with me tossing and turning and obsessing about it. I'm starting to learn that it is better to just get up and read, even if for only fifteen minutes or so and try it again than roll around for the next two hours trying to shut my mind off.

  4. I wake up most nights and just doze until morning, but the half hour I get after lunch makes up for all of it.

  5. I find that my dreams are so vivid these days that they wake me up. That's unusual. I also have a firm voice (inherited from my mother) and amplified by 37 years as a teacher; most people won't mess with it. :)

  6. When I was 9, the shower was in the DOWNSTAIRS bathroom - where all the frogs hung out. It encouraged very quick showers!!

  7. There is a helpful hint...I'll drop a spider in there.

    Margaret, this morning I felt the bed shake violently. I sat square up in bed. Tim said, "What are you doing?" I said, "Did you FEEL that?" He mumbled no, and begged me to lay down and be quiet. I'm not sure if I was dreaming or we had a little earth quake. In 2020, I'm not ruling out the earthquake.


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