Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Way We Were

Today was a quiet day spent getting caught up on all the stuff I got behind on because I have two boys here homeschooling all week. 

It felt good to get those jobs all ticked off one by one. I got the last of my Christmas cards done. The sheets off the bed, into the washer, into the dryer, and back on the bed. (That is my handy household tip on avoiding folding fitted sheets). It felt good to sit on the couch getting the laundry folded while watching mindless crap on television as a cheerful fire burned in the fireplace. 

And I'm going to tell you a secret: For all of you who praise me for my patience in this school thing? It is not true. I am not all that patient by nature. It is something that I struggle with, because I cannot be impatient in this situation...I must be patient...I will not lose my patience...

And that is what makes this time so difficult. 

But  there is two more days of school before Christmas break. And then for 13 days, I will be able to become, once again, just a grandma. I'm looking forward to that, and I'm going to guess there are some kids who will be looking forward to that as well. 


  1. We babysat a little girl from infancy to age five. She's an independent spirit, and unfortunately we spoiled her. I wanted to teach her a few numbers and letters and had to stop trying because I felt I was doing her more harm than good. My daughter wanted to learn, and it was easy to teach her to read. My son only felt intimidated when I tried to teach him letters or numbers and closed down. His Kindergarten teacher said she almost held him back because he was intimidated when he saw the other kids doing what they needed to do and he didn't know how.

    I still feel the guilt when I type this, but I had no idea what I should have done. So from my viewpoint, you are doing a great job with your grandchildren.

  2. You are doing the work. I commend you.

  3. If they coasted along and you did not inforce the work you would not be doing them a favor. I am sure they get upset with the teacher but she is not grandma so they have to do what is required with out much fuss. Good job, enjoy the break as they are. My two collage student grands are ready to go back to school. Yard work, farm work plus chores are not their favorite thing to do. They go back the middle of Jan. with on campus classes after being tested for the virus and than locked on campus for the next few months. They dread summer when they have to work hard, school seems easy.

  4. My kids are looking forward to several weeks off from school. I'm not.

  5. For someone who is impatient(me too!) to be patient shows the greatest patience of all. A saint! Give yourself credit for doing one of the hardest jobs in the world. Enjoy your holidays!


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