Saturday, December 12, 2020


Our freezer now has 3 deer. 
Tim is disappointed that they are all small ones, but I honestly don't care. It is plenty. 

 Today was warm and so we went up to work on the garage. This is the west side of it. We are enclosing the loft, area and putting in a (scavenged) window. Tim just wanted something with screens that he could open and ventilate the upstairs during the summer. You will see cracks between the boards. The front has not yet got the battens on, which are 4 inch wide boards that will cover the gaps. so...

As a courtesy, we will not bother our sawyer, until hunting season is done. (Today was the final day)
Levi always has a pile of batten boards though, 
Tim can pick up what he needs with no wait involved. 

The mandoor was scavenged also, a $20 lucky find. 
My find. 

William is a good helper. He scrambles up and down ladders like nobody's business. His job today was to keep the fire in the firepit going. He gathered up the scrap wood and branches. Being the Fire Warden sounds far more glamorous than cleaning, which was actually the most important part of his job, but we didn't tell him that. 
 It was a $2.00 day for him. 
We got the west side of the loft enclosed. We got the scavenged window in place as well. I was on a ladder outside the building as Tim fished it out through opening. Between the two of us we got it set into place. That was the scariest part. If he would have lost his grip, it would sent the window to the ground and knocked me off my ladder. I told you the part where I don't like heights, right?
Tim thinks this is a bad picture. Both of the barn doors are open on the right hand side. The gap between the two sections of 'door' on the left side of the building is where he will take the sawzall to the 2 x 6 cross bars, when he is ready to finish the doors. Since we don't plan on bringing the tractors back out until the spring, we don't have any reason to make those final cuts. 
Just more security this winter.

All that is left is the eastern loft wall and installing that window there. 

A good day's work. 
The nicest part was that when it started to rain, we simply pulled the saw inside and kept on working.

Our next project, probably not until the spring now, will be a green house to the left and in front of the garage. There will be a rainbarrel to collect the run off from north side of the garage and provide the water we need for that project. We have a pile of scavenged windows for the sides and some polycarbonate panels for the roof. 
We have a pair of sliding glass doors for the east side of it, 
for easy access. 
We've been stockpiling windows from the various rehabs we have done over the years. 

Tim is very excited about his garage. 
I will probably be just as excited about the greenhouse. 

This summer we plan on starting work on the house. The basement will be dug and we want the building framed. We will pay to have this work done because we don't have the equipment to do the basement work. We also won't have much time to do the framing because we have one last house to finish renovating. When that is finally on the market, we will be able to focus completely on our retirement home. I think we are in agreement that we will not buy any more houses. We've got enough rentals and we are ready to stop flipping. 


  1. Really nice job on the garage. You two work well together.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on your retirement property.


  2. Debra, above, makes a good point. We have always enjoyed working together, getting covered in paint and wallpaper paste, mixing mortar for the other to use (not always me), etc.

  3. I think this is an appropriate set of pics, including the one that he doesn't like.

  4. “I think we are in agreement we will not buy any more houses.”

    For those new to Debby’s blog, this is what you might call a recurring theme! 😂

  5. Bob! The difference is that I have been saying it right along. This time Tim is saying it too. We were talking last night. We have completed 10 renovations in 12 years. Of that 10, 8 have been total from the studs out jobs. We are ready to get this one done and begin work on our own life.

  6. 10 heck of a lot of work!
    You deserve a break.
    I like that garage..a lot!!

  7. I'm about finished with house number two and was hoping to call it a career!

    Me personally, when I have someone hunt deer for me, I tell them I want the small does. I think they taste a lot better. They can keep those big old bucks.

  8. I'm impressed at all your work. I think Dave and I might kill each other if we undertook such a major project! Three deer sounds like a lot of meat, even if they're smallish ones.

  9. That is an amazing amount of work but it's looking great. I don't like heights either! I have one rental and it's more trouble than it's worth sometimes.


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