Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Grandma Moment

 Yesterday, from far away, there came a message: "Iris got very sad and misses her 'Ama." Brittani asked if I could skype. 

Why yes. Yes I can. 

So yesterday, the world stopped for a moment. Iris showed me the snowmen on her window. Her mama had done some decorating while she was down for a nap, and Iris was thrilled with the changes. 

Ironically, I also had snowmen on my window sill. They are ice skating. I took them down and made them do a little ice skating routine for Iris which she thought was very funny. 

"Do you want to see the Christmas tree?" I asked. She nodded. She didn't mind that my phone takes crap pictures. They are not putting up their tree until this weekend, so she had a fine time looking at mine. I showed her the Big Bird ornament that is from Aunt Cara's childhood. I also showed her the tiny red shoe. I asked, "Do you know whose shoe this is?" She didn't. I said, "This was your daddy's shoe. He used to have very little feet. He was a baby too. He was MY baby before he grew up."  This was a newsflash. She digested this very seriously. 

At least that's what I thought she was doing. 

Her mother said she was pooping.  

So I shifted in to high gear. I showed her William's little tree in the foyer. 

I showed her the bubbling bubble lights. She does love bubbles.

They have not had snow yet, so I pulled the sheer back to show her what was outside my window. She stared wide eyed at that. This is all new. She has heard about snow, but doesn't remember it from last winter. 

Just that quick, the conversation was done. Iris was whisked off for a diaper change, I headed back to my kitchen to tend the barbecue chicken. 

I'm grateful for technology. It surely makes long distance grandma-ing much easier.


  1. Makes grandma-ing easier - and there's no smell!

  2. There is a magic to seeing Christmas through children's eyes. I used to love reading my son "The Father Christmas" letters by Tolkien. Arilx

  3. I'm still hoping that when it is my turn as a distance grandparent, they will have some sort of 3D virtual reality/hologram sort of thing I can do.

  4. I complain about technology a fair amount - our dependence on it that sometimes borders on addiction. But this is one component I’m completely in favor of. So glad you and sweet Iris get to visit this way.

  5. 'Skyping' whatever the platform, has been very helpful, not just for grandparents, but for the education of many. I guess if there had to be a pandemic, this was a better time than most in the past.

  6. Oh that snow already outside your windows?!?!??!

    I love the trees and the lights...always makes me happy to see them.


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