Monday, December 7, 2020

Small Moments

 Today, I chopped up pineapple and onion and bell pepper and threw it in a crock pot with some chicken. I added the ginger, soy, garlic, molasses, brown sugar and vinegar. It's a new recipe. A healthy version of sweet and sour chicken.

I gave my stove a scrubbing and washed my dishes. 

I cleaned the cutting board and set it back in its place.

I've always felt as if I had to be doing something. Working. Earning money. Doing projects with Tim. Studying, learning. Yet no matter what I was up to, I've always felt guilty, like I should being doing more, as if I weren't productive enough. Like a slacker. 

I wonder why that is? 

There's such a satisfaction in these small moments, and I am grateful to have discovered this. 

One of the blessings of covid, I guess. 


  1. It is always a satisfaction when your crock pot is one with everything.

  2. The secret of crock pot cooking: Everything goes in the pot... Then you get to wander off and do something else. Truly a zen moment.

  3. Yet if you're stuck at home with it, the aroma can drive you wild.

  4. My daughter gave me a small crock pot that is just right for one person. I can cook a small roast or half a chicken, plenty for me and some left overs for salad the next day. I am retired so I seem to have gotten slack on the house work part. At 75 some things don't seem as important as they used to and I run out of energy quicker also,

  5. My wife sounds like you. She just has to be doing something all the time. I on the other hand can sit down and read a good book, watch a sunset for an hour or take a short nap on a weekday afternoon and not feel guilty at all. But when I do work, I like to get things done and hate starting and stopping all the time.

  6. I understand where you are coming from about feeling guilty. I always feel like I should be doing more. Now I notice that the older I get the longer it takes me to complete a job and I feel guilty about that!

  7. That sounds delicious. I have learned to be less social and more into my own company. I'm not sure that's healthy or not. We'll see when the pandemic is handled. I do think that I'll appreciate every outing, dinner out and trip much more!

  8. I get this, at least to some extent. It is good to accomplish at least something in a day. Today, I suppose my main accomplishment will be to do the grocery shopping. It is something.


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