Friday, December 18, 2020

Rootin' Tootin' Grandpa.

 Division was the challenge yesterday. Today, the challenge is fractions. To be perfectly honest, I do not understand moving on from one new thing to another at that kind of speed. I remember spending days on division. I remember spending days on fractions. Whatever you were learning, you had ample time to digest it before moving on to the next thing. 

Because William was anxious to go home, he simply sat there passively, biding his time. It was frustrating. It was supposed to be a short day, but it ended up being the regular length of time because he was being stubborn about his assignments.  (He does have an appointment to begin the process of being tested for ADHD next week.)

Meanwhile, our first grader cheerfully did his work. When it was time to tune into his zoom meeting, he did so. Grandpa was supervising him. I walked out of the office to make sure that he was 'zoomed in' properly. Tim was standing next to me. I listened to the teacher speaking, to see if they were doing anything which required supervision. 

Very suddenly, the man standing next to me made a very rude toot. 

I looked at him shocked, He smiled sweetly, just like he always does. 

"Um, Tim? You do realize that when he's in a zoom meeting, the teachers can hear that, right?"

Long pause as the smile slowly faded. 

I went back out to the office to keep William focused. 


  1. One day is hardly enough, they need repetition, practice for retention with the different math problems. Then, if he has ADHD that can be more challenging. Tootin' Grandpa -- geeze, what Zoom teachers have to cope with.

  2. That doesn't seem like enough time or practice to lock it in. That is SO Funny about Tim though. I'm sure the Zoom teachers have heard and seen worse.

  3. Oh well. I'm sure the teachers see and hear all kinds of things over Zoom!

  4. We call them ducks here. Do you hear ducks? Ducks are following me.

  5. I was recently informed that there is a thing where people fart into intercoms at stores intentionally. There was a term for it but I have forgotten it. But it made me glad that I don't shop at large stores with intercoms very often.

    Years ago my grandfather came down to the farm for a visit and some church friends of my parents arrived. We were all standing there in a big circle when my grandfather began letting these horribly loud farts almost every other minute. The thing is my grandfather was so deaf and didn't have any hearing aids in so I knew he couldn't hear the noise he was making and thought they were silent so he kept a straight face. All the rest of us then were forced to keep straight faces as if we couldn't hear what was going on. It was so uncomfortable and funny at the same time. After my grandfather left, it was all I could do to not laugh myself into a coma.

  6. That's hilarious. The toot heard round the world!

  7. A.c.: mice on motorcycles too. Ed, I heard about a guy wearing headphones. It never occurred to him that not everyone was wearing headphones. Tim is pretty shy so I am sure he was embarrassed to death.

  8. Been there, done that, Tim. It happens to the best of us. This is why it is important to keep the dog around so you can blame them. Hope the tutoring continues to go well and I am glad you figured out the Alan anagram. Don't worry, you are always welcome at my blog, Debby. Take care.

  9. -grinnnnnnnnnn-

    Life happens! -smile-

    Greetings from the "North Pole"!


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