Saturday, December 5, 2020

Never Ending

I think that I keep a clean house. It's not perfect. I'll never be mistaken for Martha Stewart, but it's tidy. (Usually)

The hardwood floor in the kitchen needed cleaning. There was a lot going on in there for Thanksgiving, but now that things have quieted back down, there is no reason for not gathering up the rugs and sending them through the wash. 

Once the rugs were up, the spots were very visible. I decided that it needed a good scrubbing on my hands and knees before throwing down some Bona finish to make it shine (that is applied with a microfiber applicator that I can remove the head and throw in the wash for the next time.)

But once I was down on my hands and knees, I noticed that the bottom cabinet doors were splattered and dripped on. How had I missed that?!!! 

('Old eyes syndrome' has its benefits. I suppose.)

So I got out the spray cleaner and another microfiber cloth and went to work on them. 

And as long as I was doing the bottom cabinets, I might as well give the top cabinet doors a good wash. 

As I worked, I tired to remember the last time I washed them. 

I couldn't. 

I also noticed that the white trim mop boards could use a touch up. 

I was reminded of an old children's song: "This is the song that never goes on and on, my friends..."


  1. Ah yes -- this is the hazard of housework. When you clean something, everything around it looks doubly dirty -- so then you have to clean EVERYTHING!

  2. Our previous kitchen had dark wood cabinets. When I went to paint those as a temporary solution, I was grossed out by the amount of grease and debris that had built up over the decades. I did a poor job of getting it all removed because the paint job was wearing off in high wear areas within a couple years. With this remodel, we opted to go for a compromise. A non-white color so that grime isn't so visible but yet a color light enough that we can spot splatters and clean them off more frequently.

    My personally, I feel uneasy when in a house that has not a spec of dirt anywhere and everything smells like disinfectant. I much more feel at home in a house with a dirty sock laying in the corner and the lingering smell of the previous chicken dinner still in the air.

  3. I’m also in the middle of deep cleaning everything. Just finished the bedroom. I’m glad the house is small, because cleaning never ends. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were no dust? 😊

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Debby.

  4. My daughter has this great kids book called "this won't take a minute" that is about just that!!

  5. You sound pretty perfect compared to us.

  6. I have to admit when it comes to keeping house Im right up there with Joan Crawford!!!! And what's interesting, when you start cleaning, ever notice it's like starting a domino effect? I've done the same when cleaning the kitchen floor, and then all of a sudden notice a spot or two on the cabinets..

    When my ex was here, he always worried about cleaning good and missed things. I was like "It's not YOU I'm mad at...IT'S THE DIRT!"

  7. You have me feeling more than a little uneasy.

  8. Yep, that’s housework! The song that never ends. I am sitting here right this minute looking at some dusty baseboards and thinking, didn’t I just dust those things? Guess not.

  9. That's the thing about housework. I remember the 50s were a terrible time. Women shamed into Cometizing everything! I always clean after the grandies visit!

  10. So true! I had work done in my house(major painting project), then noticed that the doors and door jambs no longer matched the trim. So, they had to be painted. I also realized how dusty my blinds were, especially the tops that require a ladder for dusting. Ugh. It sounds like you got a lot done though and I bet it looks great. I often feel that we're the only ones who actually notice the difference. :)

  11. Oh dear, please don't pop in on me! You won't like what you will find! It just gets so overwhelming at times!

    Thanks for visiting my blog --it's delightful to have met you!


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