Sunday, May 23, 2021

This Week

 It felt like a big step towards 'normal' that we went out to eat and that the salad bar was once again in use. I probably ate a week's worth of vegetables in one sitting. 

Tim and I both are working at companies set to close up. We probably will be finished at about the same time. We are planning for a trip at some point after that and have discovered the most luxurious part of things is that we can go as long as we want. No jobs to return to. No vacation days trickling through our fingers. The only thing determining the length of that trip is us. That is an amazing thought. Instead of flying back after visiting with Cara and Colin, we have found that Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a transatlantic cruise, leaving from London, stopping in Scotland, Iceland, Nova Scotia, and then New York. I think it would be an amazing thing to be surrounded by ocean for 12 days. Certainly something we are interested in trying. 

Today, I worked for 8 hours, earning double time. This morning before we started, people were discussing how they were going to spend this big money. One fellow was going to pay off his mortgage. Another person was going to pay off her car. Someone was going to buy a car. Someone else started talking about the tattoo they were going to get. There are college kids agog at the fact that they are earning more this summer than they ever could have dreamed of.

When they asked for Saturday, and told us they would pay us double time, one of those kids said, "Let me check with my mom first." He came back after lunch and said that his mother told him she would kick his ass if he didn't work. It made me laugh.

Brianna and Don came over today. After some time, William suddenly asked "Where's Paddy?" His grandfather broke the news. William disappeared into the office and didn't come out for some time. When he did, his eyes were very red. At 10, he doesn't like people to see him cry. I felt as bad today as I did last Saturday. 

Much to my shock, when I got home today, there was a mountain of clothes on the couch. I said, "You did the laundry???" and Tim said he had. I marveled over that. Unnecessarily, he added, "I didn't fold anything though." I don't think Tim has done laundry since we got married, so this was quite an anniversary present. 

That's about it really. Life has gotten very focused and small, but I know when it is done, it'll be our turn. 


  1. I can also operate the washing machine but I haven't got the ticket to use the vacuum cleaner.πŸ˜€

  2. It is a very luxurious feeling, that freedom to go away for as long as you wish without having to fit your life around work constraints.
    I worked for 43 years to achieve that and I really appreciate it now.
    My hubby needs written instructions for any of our household appliances but he still gets it wrong πŸ™„

  3. It is a big loss for everyone when a much loved family pet leaves us. *hugs* to you all.

  4. It is so good you have a target time to finish work and are prepared to work so hard in the interim. So sad about William, but most kids are quite resiliant.

  5. Congrats to Tim. Laundry is so complicated these days. I would need an instruction manual.

  6. How exciting to have a potential trip on the horizon! A transatlantic cruise sounds pretty awesome. Glad the money is working out well.

  7. "Focused and small" can be a good thing. Periodically something kicks me in the gut (blogosphere, health concerns, family concerns) and I know it's time for me to narrow my own focus. This has been one of those weekends....

    Again, my condolences about Paddy. It's hard.

  8. Steady on there Tim, you are making the rest of us look bad

  9. My wife has the luxury you will soon have, of open-ended travel; I do not yet have that. Accordingly, she’s learning to travel some with companions other than her spouse. While I am a bit envious, I’m also happy for her. I’m not ready to stop
    working yet and she knows it. She also knows the income, the health insurance and the company match are helping us loads.

  10. Look forward to 'your turn' - it will feel better for having been earned

  11. I have ridden a couple large ferries and know that cruising life isn't for me. There are just too many people and the only way to get alone time is to lock myself in a cabin and that just isn't my thing.

    My wife and I have talked about getting one of those sprinter camping vans and just doing a lot of traveling when the kids are gone. Being smaller and more mobile compared to their larger cousins the RV appeals to us.

  12. That cruise sounds awesome. We have a Viking trip that had to be postponed twice and is now set for 2022.
    Yay for getting that laundry done!


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