Saturday, May 8, 2021

A 'Me' Day.

Friday was my last day on my own. Tim and I would have the weekend, and then Monday, we both head off to work. 

There wasn't really a lot to do because I expected to be in Pittsburgh for Thursday and Friday. Since the surgery was postponed, I had an extra day, with little to do, because I'd done it all before I left. 

I made up my mind to have a 'me' day. So I headed out the door for my errands. 

On the way to get some things that Tim needed, I saw some kitchen rugs. My kitchen rugs are perfectly fine cotton rag rugs that I bought from Ikea probably 8 years ago. They wash nicely, and are easy to toss back down on the floor. My kitchen is yellow with splashes of red. Very 1950s, actually, except you wouldn't ever find a red microwave or a red toaster in one. But my kitchen is a quaint thing with a ticking clock and a cosco step stool and a round wooden table with a bright red table cloth. 

I studied these kitchen rugs, and realized that they would fit right in with what I already had. 
They would be a nice change. And I was having a 'me' day. 
So I bought three of them, 
one for in front of the sink, 
one for in front of the stove,
and one more for in front of the door. 

I felt quite daring. 
I happened to notice that they had a black table cloth, 
It really would set off the mondrian squares. 

I felt like that would be a nice switch from the red ones. 

So. I bought that too.

I was feeling pretty happy with myself. 

I got my grocery shopping done, and saw that they had hanging baskets down to $3.99
(they are preparing to close the store for 3 weeks of renovations and there was quite a bit of discounted things.)

I treated myself to one of those too. 

Want to see what else I found? 
The cutest little shoes ever.
Iris will love them. 

I came home and put groceries away. I made a strawberry/rhubarb cobbler. I spiffed my kitchen up while it baked. Funny how different a few small changes can brighten up a space. Funny how a few small purchases can brighten up a day. 

I took a picture of the shoes and sent it to Iris' mama.
That brightened my day too.


  1. What a lovely day and wonderful way to treat yourself! The small things can be big mood enhancers. Those shoes are AMAZING. I wish they had them in my size!

  2. I think it is called the joy of small things which brightens up our humdrum days.

  3. You surpassed yourself with the shoes. Did Tim notice the rugs etc?

  4. When I eventually notice something new and I ask, "when did we get this?" J replies: "We've had that ages"! Didn't know IKEA was in the states. I've been in one in the Algarve.

  5. Small pleasures; great joy. Sometimes there's an inverse pleasure between how big something is and how much happiness it brings - boats are good example!

  6. My son bought a boat. He was so happy with it. I said then, "the happiest day of a man's life is the day he gets a boat. The next happiest day is the day he sells it."

    He's got a boat for sale. You interested? It would make him very happy.

    Tim noticed right away. He said, " much was all that? I said, "$32." He liked it all much better after he heard the cost.

  7. You made some wonderful purchases! (and at a bargain!!) I love the kitty shoes.

  8. That sounds a lovely day - and topped off by that pudding!

  9. Iris will love those shoes and probably will look to find them on your feet when you come through the door.

  10. I actually would never wear shoes like that. These are shoes for Iris.

  11. They should have more grown up cat shoe options!!! And when did Iris's feet get so big?

    Lovely you had a day full of smiles.

  12. The girl has some feet on her. These will fit her next winter though.


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