Thursday, May 27, 2021

Life Savor

 Long work days make for short, rushed evenings. We had to do a plumbing repair at a tenant's house so as soon as I came home at 5:30, I got supper going while I washed the dishes from the previous evening and that morning. I left the water up so that we could put our dirty dishes right into the sink for a quick scrub up. Then we headed down to Deb's house to fix a leak under her kitchen sink.

Deb loves her little house. She says so every time we see her. "When I leave this little house, it will be feet first!" she is fond of saying. Tim brought his tools inside and set to work. I'm his assistant, my specialty being 'hold this right there like that'. 

So while I was holding things right there like that and admiring Tim's bottom sticking out from the kitchen cupboard under the sink, I also listened to Deb talking about the latest marvel from the creek. There are bald eagles a-plenty, but for the first time, one flew at eye level straight towards her, swooping between her house and the neighbor's. "It happened so quickly, I didn't even think to grab my phone!" But she did have a picture of the Canadian geese followed by their line of fuzzy little goslings and a deer that had gone wading out into the stream. 

When I was done with my task, I settled on her porch to blab and watch the water roll by. While we visited, I saw probably 4 fish leap out of the water and splash back in. 

"I'm all done," Tim said and he gathered up his tools as I went back inside to help him. We headed for the door still talking. She's done a lot of yard and garden work, and so I stopped to compliment her work on the way to the car

It was only 15 minutes or so, but it was certainly the pause that refreshed. 


  1. I recognised the image of the bottom peeking out from under the sink - it has so often been me !!! I reckon plumbing must the most undignified of all DIY tasks - ha ha.

  2. She seems like a good tenant and you like good landlords.

  3. Under the sink work makes me claustrophobic.

  4. Sounds like a lovely property with so much nature to watch nearby!

  5. Little rests are always refreshing when life is busy.

  6. A friendly chat with a friendly person is always good.

  7. It's great to have a good relationship with a tenant, isn't it? I hope our landlords view us that way! (Although we don't interact with them directly because they employ a management company.) Wonder what that eagle was after? Hope it wasn't one of the goslings!


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