Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Another Heaping Helping of Serendipity

 While we were out for dinner, Tim said, "While I was over at the Wayne Street house, I saw the neighbor...what's his name?...he's out watering his grass. He said that he's going to have grass growing there if it kills him. He's replanted four times."

I said, "Dick?"

And Tim said, "Yes. That's it."

We both agreed that we like Dick and Mary quite a bit.

I said, "I was thinking about getting hold of them. Dick posted that he's looking for a thick plank about 71 inches long for a fireplace mantel. Maybe the next time you go up to Levi and Mattie's, you could take Dick along. I think that Levi could saw something up for him." (They are renovating their house as well.)

Tim said, "Well, I got a fireplace mantel. We took it out of the Pleasant township house."

Thinking about it, I did vaguely remember it. I said, "Do you even know where it is?" 

Tim thought for a minute. "Yes, I do."

So after we finished eating, we took a run over to that garage. I got a tape measure out of the toolbox in the trunk, and we climbed up into the attic of that garage. Tim pulled the mantel out and we measured it. 71 1/4 inches. We laughed. 

So we headed over to Dick and Mary's. When we got there, Dick was once again watering his straw covered grass seed with a determined look on his face. 

Tim got out of the car and said, "Debby saw you were looking for a plank for your fireplace. I don't have a plank, but I do have a fireplace mantel." 

Dick said, "Are you joking?" and set down his hose right away. I helped Tim lift it out of the car. I told Dick that it was a quarter inch too long, that he might not want it. We handed it to him, and he said, "This looks perfect!" and headed inside with our find. "Mary!" he called, and she came from the kitchen. He walked over to his fireplace and set it on top and it was a perfect fit. Mary marveled, "It's as if it was made for our fireplace!"

And we had iced tea together and visited as a summer breeze ruffled the curtains in the living room. 


  1. Out of abundance, out of need.

  2. What a pleasant anecdote. The little things in life.

  3. That's great! It must feel good to help out a neighbor AND give the mantel a new lease on life.

  4. What a great story. You are certainly good neighbours.

  5. It's been a tough year to grow grass seed. I planted mine I think about five weeks ago and it took a full 3 to 4 weeks for everything to germinate and sprout. Only in this last week or two is it starting to grow to the point where I think the stand will be okay once it develops its roots. The cool spring is just putting a damper on it. The regular light drizzles we are getting however is perfect. I think I've only watered it three or four times since I planted it.

  6. Oh, I love how that turned out! Good thing you mentioned it to Tim! - and Dick mentioned it to you !)

  7. It's lovely when a plan works out. Great story.

  8. Good to be of help to neighbours and friends

  9. What wonderful neighbors you are

  10. Happy coincidence - which I guess is what serendipity is.

  11. Those kind of happenings make everyone happy!

  12. Love the story, Debby. It is refreshing to hear that people still take care of each other. Hopefully, Dick has as much luck with his grass.


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