Saturday, May 15, 2021

Where'd I go? Where'd YOU go?

 Yesterday, I tried to put up a quick blog post, but was amazed to find that when I tried to go to my blog, I got a warning that it was a dangerous site and that hackers were trying to steal my personal information. I got the same message when I tried to access your blogs, every last one of you. I could click on a link to report a site that I knew to be safe. Perhaps it was incorrectly labeled. I decided not to click on the link. I didn't know who I was communicating with, even though they were supposed to be from Chrome. 

Anyone else get this or was it just me? 

I shut everything down, and ran updates. I tried later to bring some blogs up on my kindle and got the same message. I woke up at o'dark-thirty and lay in bed thinking about things and finally got out of bed to see what happened once the updating was complete. There I was! There you were! All is well in blogland!

(I blame the Russians.)

Now a smart person would have gone straight back to bed, but here I am shivering in my flannel night gown (in MAY!!!!) tapping out a post when I should be sleeping. 

It's been a long week of 10 hour days. I was supposed to work today, but they abruptly canceled it. They are bringing in more people to get this work done. Our work area needs to be reconfigured, desks and computers added. I have two days off and I am not sorry about that. 

Today we are having our old cat put down. That's always a sad thing. I've been waffling around on it for the past few months, but it is time. 

At the end of 2019, I had a crazy idea that I wanted to spend Cara's 30th birthday with her. I had not spent a birthday with her since she left for Afghanistan when she was 24. She and Colin were living in Batumi, Georgia at the time. We began to make plans. She wanted to show us her favorite country (Romania) and she thought perhaps it would be more sensible to wait a couple months, since her birthday is in January, and it is not exactly the nicest time to go touring. 

I will always regret being sensible, but nobody could have foreseen a pandemic. 

Next week, we will resume the 10 hour days. We will be working Saturday. I can endure just about anything for six months and I'm sure things will start settling down after the initial 'catch up' period. Right now, though, there's work to be done, and Lord knows, the pay is unheard of for this corner of the world. 

And on November 10th, work will be done. I will be officially retired, and there will be scads of money in our travel kitty. 

Instead of traveling the world on my computer, Tim and I will be seeing it in person. 


  1. Funnily enough my computer went haywire on Chrome a couple of days ago, it has since righted itself. I tend to rely on my security to get me through any hiccups. It is a sad moment having to put an old cat or dog down you need courage.

  2. Yep. I got exactly the same warnings around 2 a.m. here when I tried to browse Blogland during another sleepless night. I just shut down my 'phone and tried to get to sleep. It worked...eventually.
    I do hope that you get to travel once things calm down everywhere.

  3. Yep, same thing here yesterday evening. I immediately assumed it was my fault.

  4. I have had that problem with blogs and other sites whose address was still http instead of https....

  5. I got it too.

    Sorry about your much loved kitty. It is a kindness we can do for them. :)

  6. I hope and pray we will be able to travel again soon. Maybe even see a Rock concert or two.

  7. And good for you - you deserve it. It's nice to have goal for our work. Whenever I get a big/unexpected contract I try to allocate some money for me, some for my family, some for savings and some for others in need. My grandad taught me that and I've followed it all my life.

  8. I got that warning too and so did Sue when she tried to look at my blog on her computer. A little while later, it was fine on my iPad, and then on the computer too.

  9. I must not have been surfing when those waves were going - when I switched my computer on at one point during the week, though, it had done a full update.

    I have previously done this comment, but my 11yo has someone set another google profile on this computer and I am not JustJosie and don't know her password (grrrrr - she will be having a lesson in cyber-stuff tomorrow) AND the "I am not a robot" where I had to click on "bridges" but there were only overpasses AGAIN so its been a whole adventure since last time I tried!

  10. LOL Jeanie. Know the feeling. We have William.

  11. Well, it's good to have something to look forward to! I visited Bucharest several years ago (there are posts on my blog) but I haven't been to the rest of Romania, which I hear is BEAUTIFUL. I look forward to hearing about it!

    I haven't had that particular warning, but I think it has something to do with websites that come through as http rather than https, which means they're secure. You can try changing the URL to https and see if that helps. Updates often work too, though! :)

  12. I got that message on about 12 different blogs, including my own, I was trying to visit. I ran 2 different Norton scans and then it was fine. Weird!!

  13. Hmmm.... Well I missed out on the blog business. Stuff like that stresses me, so I'm glad.

    I'm very sorry about your kitty. 😔

  14. It was a big mess last night, wasn't it. I just kept clicking through "go here at your own risk", and did all my visiting. I blamed it on the Russians, too.
    Sorry about your cat; it took my sister saying "You're not doing that cat any favors" to get me to put down my old black and white.

  15. I didn't have that but had a large number of posts flagged as questionable and removed. A day later I got a slew of emails saying they were reviewed, found acceptable and restored. First time I have ever had that happen.


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